Mahalo… One Year

Today makes my one year anniversary of blogging.

I have blogged EVERY single day for the past 365 days straight… or should I say I have blogged constantly every day since I started this blog?

I’d like to thank a few key people that helped me with the inspiration of this blog…

When I was back on Oahu and thinking of moving back home… I looked upon Hunter Bishop’s and Aaron Stene’s Blog’s as the two blogs that I could some what relate too pretty much because they were the only one blogging that I knew of living on the Big Island when I first learned of “Blogs”.

To the folks that read this blog… thanks and mahalo’s… those that have really followed this blog… may know me much closer then those that just pop in now and then.

One way or the other… I think you all are cool just for stopping by!

I also want to thank my Ohana… they know who they are.


I really got to thank my son because he gave me so many ideas to write about.  I know he will enjoy reading these blogs about him when he’s way older.

Of course… while I’m throwing this out… thanks to the businesses that have actually supported this blog via sponsorship or advertisements.

Here is a small break down of numbers: 3200 Posts – 2,217 Accepted Comments Almost 310,000 page views as of this posting.

Here is just a partial list of my favorite posts I blogged about during this first year of blogging based on numbers:

Well once again… thanks for reading this blog and here’s to a second year of blogging.



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  1. Congratulations. I may have been following you for 75% of the time. You are prolific and I hope that it is taking you where you want to go!

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