Please warm the Pahoa pool

I’m sitting here at the Pahoa pool trying to give my son lessons but the water is so cold he keeps getting out.

Pahoa Pool

Please heat the Pahoa pool. Heck I might even jump in if it was just a bit warmer.

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  1. […] terms also call for installing roof-mounted solar heating panels to help warm the pool water, a new variable frequency drive to manage the pump motors more efficiently, and performing various […]

  2. No money man, the county council took all of the money in pay raises. Guess that you will have to just pee in the pool to warm it up.

    The Lack

  3. Maybe you can just buy a wet suit….

  4. Good luck with your dream request. With this economic recession I don’t believe your dream will be realized anytime soon.

  5. The solar heat at Hilo’s YWCA currently has the water at 85 degrees. Best pool in Hilo. Maybe Pahoa community needs to do fund raising to put in solar heat.

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