Dark Night with the Coquis

*Update* The power is now back on at 11:24

We are having a power outage right now, so I thought this would be a good chance to practice posting to my blog.

My blog will be filled with weird stuff as I try and figure out this mobile live posting.

One application allows me to post pictures… apparently this one doesn’t.  So be it… practice makes perfect.  (Merged posts after power came on)


Well the power has been off for almost an hour now.

It’s amazing how loud these damn coqui frogs are with no electricity running around the house.

It must have been so peaceful at night without these frogs.

I’m glad my sons gone to sleep already. We have a long night of travel to California tomorrow.

Well I was hoping the power would be back on by the time I finished this… but it’s not.
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