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Big Island Press Club Out to Get Me?

This is strange… Just as I was contemplating joining an organization I read this from one of the Big Island Press Club’s board members:

  • Rod Thompson Says:

    Wow, I wrote a simple announcement and there’s a flood of comment. Here are some responses. 1. Tiffany, I wish the price were cheaper. We went to the Coconut Grill in January. (I’m amused that you have it listed as the Coconut Girl.) The reason we are going back now is because this is the best deal there is. Or do you want to hold the meeting at McDonalds? We DO hold our Christmas meeting at a private home to lower the cost.
    2. Dave Smith is right; there are several categories of Press Club membership, most costing $25 per year. Adjusted for inflation, that’s roughly half of what membership cost in the 1970s. Being sponsored is very much a technicality. If you are still breathing and take a bath or shower at least once a week, we will get you sponsors. 3. Damon Tucker is right; we are all, all of us, every single one, out to get him. The SHOCKING thing is the secrecy inside the club. I didn’t even know that Peter Sur has a unicorn.

Peter… Do you rent that unicorn for kids parties?  I guess it would be something to fall back onto.


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