Nuff Already… Bring It… Let Us Keep Capturing More Data


I know your IP as well… care to keep taking swings at me now that I know who you are?

People who think they are so sly and anonymous…. pfft.

When will idiots keep taking swipes at bloggers who know where and who their readers are for the most part and often share information?

I love the haters that post anonymously and folks that understand the internet well enough to know what a personal attack is and where it’s orchestrated from.

This island is about to get shaken up! LOL!

Sockpuppets… and anonymous folks that want to bash me or other folks online…. be prepared to be exposed for who you really are.

Mahalo to the blogging community for knowing the difference between an idiot, a hater, and a sock puppet.

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  1. Damon Tucker is nothing but a thief! He ripped off a word that I used and has been dropping it all over the Big Island Blogosphere like it’s hot!

    Teh lols.

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