Pahoa Pool Locker Rooms… So Nice You Can Sleep in Them

I took my son to his swim lessons today at the Pahoa Pool and we were about to change into his swim clothes and we noticed this sign fronting the locker room.

Pool Sign

So he changed in the bathroom side of the locker room and went off to his lessons.

Apparently they are remodeling the locker  room.  Here are the old lockers stacked outside.

Lockers Outside

After I saw all these lockers outside, I wanted to get a picture of the inside, and this is what I walked in… the worker was just sleeping away. I assume it was his lunch break as other workers were outside eating their lunch.

You can see he has his lunch in front of his legs.

You can see he has his lunch in front of his legs.

I’m glad the Pahoa Pool is available for public use.  However, I just wish that those that used the locker rooms… were actually there to use the pool as well.


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