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Sensible Simplicity… Growing Potatoes

Puna blogger Jay Fitzgerald often blogs about growing his own food on his blog “Sensible Simplicity“.

In one of  his more recent posts “Food Forest Project Update” Jay writes:

“… Well, let’s just say this sort of farming works…”

Jay is making pretty good progress as he has changed what was basically a jungle into a “Food Forest”.

My wifes family are eight generation farmers here in Hawaii so they have been growing their own food for many years.

The latest project… Potatoes!

Got Spudz

Got Spudz

These aren’t potatoes like the mainland type… these are a bunch of different varieties that my Father-in-Law has collected over the last few weeks from all over the island.

Amy Greenwell Potatoes on left

Amy Greenwell Potatoes on left

Anyone that knows my family… knows that they love “Poi” as their main starch… It will be nice to get away from Poi for awhile and eat some Potatoes!

3 Responses

  1. How successful were you growing white potatoes? I would love to try some….

    What soil did you use?


  2. Those would be “sweet potato” — ‘uala.

  3. Great idea. We used to grow them in old tires, then when it is time to harvest, you just pull out the tires.

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