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Pahoa Community Aquatics Center – SHOWERS FOR SWIMMERS ONLY!

My son started his summer swim lessons again at the Pahoa Aquatics Center.

The Entrance to the Pool

The Entrance to the Pool

It’s really a great deal.  Only $10.00 for 10 lessons spread out through two weeks.

Olympic Size Swimming Pool

Olympic Size Swimming Pool

The best thing about the pool, is that it’s free to use any other time.

Two Diving Boards

Two Diving Boards

There is always ample parking too.

Lots of Parking Stalls

Lots of Parking Stalls

Here are the hours that you can swim for the rest of the summer:

June 15 – July 24, 2009

Adult Lap Swim ONLY 9:00 – 1:00 pm Mon-Fri
Public Recreational Swim 1:00 –  4:40 pm Mon-Fri

July 27 – August 31, 2009

Adult Lap & Recreational Swim w/parent 9:00 – 2:00 pm Mon-Fri
Public Recreational Swim 1:00 –  4:40 pm Wed
Public Recreational Swim 2:00 –  4:40 pm M/T/Th/F
Novice Swim Team (starts 8/10) 2:30 – 3:30 pm Mon-Fri


Public Recreational Swim 9:00 – 4:40 pm Sat/Sun/Hol

For you parents that are worried about the little ones who can’t swim just yet… they do have the “Kiddie Pool” as well.

2009-07-06 11.22.04

But folks, all I ask is that you just don’t go there to use the showers and clean yourself up during the times when our young kids are having lessons… There is a sign that says:



You can check out more information about the pool on this site.

I sure wish that they would heat the damn pool.  I hear that they have the capability to do it… but aren’t just to save electricity.

This little dragon was freezing his butt off when he got out.

My Little Dragon

My Little Dragon

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10 Responses

  1. anyone have an email address to find out about lessons? My daughter and grandsons moved to Pahoa about 2 yrs ago and I’m doing the footwork for her to give her info about available sports in the area.

  2. Yes, the pool is great. The none eater water is actually perfect as its for lap swimmers. You just need to move a little, then you appreciate the water temp.

  3. i hope i can bring my monofin i really wanna try it out D:

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  7. I go there 6-8 times a month to lap swim and do some other water exercises. It’s really a great pool for the community. Craig, Mark, and the rest of the lifeguard staff are friendly and very attentive to everyone’s safety. Great facilities and much needed warm showers available as it does get a bit chilly at times. They really should heat it if they can.

    My main concern is in the parking lot, where loiterers do a bit more than just eat their lunches under the trees. I’m constantly double-checking the locks on the doors of my truck. Otherwise, a great place to get some exercise or to cool off during the summer months.

  8. Two things that bug me about the Pahoa pool (I also take my toddler there).

    First, even though there is a toddler pool, you can only use it during the recreational swim hours. So, during the summer mornings when the big pool is adult lap only, you cannot take the keiki to the kiddie pool. I really don’t get why that is. The afternoon hours really don’t work out for us – naptime and all.

    Secondly, I wish they weren’t so totally strict about NO FOREIGN OBJECTS in the pool. The little ones really get motivated trying to reach for a rubber duck or similar, and other pools do allow them. In Pahoa no objects whatsoever are allowed in either pool.

  9. Great that we have this facility for community use, especially during these hot summer months.
    Good post with helpful reminders. Thanks Damon.

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