Humpback Blue Beer… Tiny Bubbles

So in another installment and salute to my sponsor Hawaii Nui Brewing, I thought I would sample another one of their fine beers tonight.

Humpback Blue Beer

I’m not sure exactly why it’s called a “Blue” beer as it appeared to me more of a dark, rich, brown beer… of course that could have been the lighting.  One of the things I liked about it… It had lots of “Tiny Bubbles”.

This beer is pretty good.  I think I need to drink more then just one or two of these beers to figure out which one I want to go with when I start picking up my hard earned brews.

Humpback Blue Beer

Here is my previous post  of another “Sample” of their beers:

Baby Steps to Stronger Big Island Families

baby steps

6,000+ babies…and counting.  That’s how many Hawai’i Island infants have received an absolutely free newborn basket within 24 hours of birth at a Big Island hospital over the past 5 years.

The newborn baskets, part of the “Baby Steps To Stronger Big Island Families” program, are meant to welcome infants into the world and provide research-based “tools” to help each child and his or her family receive the best possible start to family life.  Supported by grants, private donations and thousands of volunteer hours, the project started in December 2004 as a response to Mayor Harry Kim’s community-driven “Kick ICE” initiative.

The community is invited for a delicious dinner between 4 and 9 p.m., Sunday, July 12, 2009 at Denny’s Restaurant in Kailua-Kona to support the newborn basket project through “Project Compassion,” a partnership between the Rotary Club of Kona, Denny’s and local charities to provide financial support to non-profit organizations working in the community.

Denny’s will donate 20% of all dinner bills and 100% of all tips to “Baby Steps To Stronger Big Island Families” newborn basket project.

The baskets most notably include a $30 Snugli (a front-pack baby carrier), which is very handy for carrying an infant hands-free.  But, more than a nice thought or helpful convenience, the contents of the gift basket are based on research showing use of a Snugli promotes a caring, safe, bonded relationship between an infant and his or her family. These stronger first relationships significantly define and enhance a newborn’s relationships throughout life.  Better relationships equate to higher self esteem, which experts agree help with making better choices throughout life.

Newborn baskets also include baby’s first book, useful information for new moms such as SIDS prevention, how to install car seats, and a comprehensive Resource Directory to help anxious new families connect with services in their community.  “Newborn baskets have been a huge hit all over the island because they are such a lovely way for the community to celebrate the birth of a new child,” said Angela Thomas, who has led the project from its inception.

“But presenting every new mom with a lovely gift is really just the tip of the iceberg.  Because of solid research about the significant value of attachment to infant development, our project has been supported by many public and private partners – from KTA SuperStores to the Hawai’i State Legislature to Governor Linda Lingle and Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona to Kamehameha Schools and many more, including nearly a hundred volunteers who have spent more than 5,000 unpaid hours assembling baskets for our island’s three major hospitals.”

“Denny’s Restaurant and the Rotary Club of Kona, through “Project Compassion” are helping to keep these Snuglis and gift baskets being delivered to Big Island hospitals.  You can help ensure that our Big Island babies thrive by dining at Denny’s on Sunday, July 12, between 4 and 9 p.m.,” Thomas said.

Waiting on customers during Denny’s “Project Compassion” dinners will be a cadre of VIP “wait help” including LAVA105FM’s Sherry Bracken, Susan Maddox of Friends of the Future and North Hawaii Rotary’s newly installed President, Family Support Services of West Hawai’i’s JoAnn Bishop Freed, Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce’s Bill Sanborn and Vivian Landrum, PATCH’s Gail Judd, Hawaii Community Foundation’s Diane Chadwick and several surprise guests.

No reservations are needed for Denny’s “Project Compassion” dinner.  For information about “Baby Steps To Stronger Big Island Families, call Angela Thomas (990-6754).

“An Den” on the Big Island

An Den started as a power trio. Damien Awai, Brian Haia and Roy Kato were working venues in the Lahaina-Kaanapali area.

” ♪♫♪♫…Moved on up on the west side… ♫♪♫♪” Damien and Brian were looking for a bigger, badder sound with more musicians to amplify their feel and effect. We got something: Damien Awai, Brian Haia, Roy Kato, Ivan Yadao, and Rick Bodinus. This made An Den complete.

Next they started recording debut album Housekatchafaya which features some of Hawaii’s top musicians: Mitch Kepa, Mark Kalawaia, Tom Mamuad, Dave Varde, Jason Donez, Albert Kaina, Wilson Kanaka’ole, Alan Veleren, Dave Choy, and K-Avi. Recording with Roy Kato on bass and introducing Eddee Sebala to our live show. Eddee is now our steady bassist.

Housekatchafaya delivers something fresh and new to the Hawai’i music scene with radio friendly tracks like “Dream Girl”, “Housekatchafaya” and “Wett Dreams.” An Den also delivers tribute versions of Beres Hammond’s “They Gonna Talk “ as well as Bob Marley’s “Exodus” and “So Much Trouble.” This album also carries a political message in songs like “Unite”, “Nation in a Nation”, and “Funk da Bush”. Finally the mellow side of Housekatchafaya brings to light Hawaii’s cultural diversity with ethnic puns, like Popolo Pete, Fredo Macadangdang and Da Podageez from Up Country. Thanks for having a sense of humor.

Big Island schedule for the next three days.

Jul 3 2009 12:00P
Jul 3 2009 9:00P
Jul 4 2009 2:00P
Jul 4 2009 8:30P
Jul 5 2009 12:00P

Here is a youtube teaser of their debut CD, Housekatchafaya.


NaBloPoMo 09 – Hero David Corrigan

Well I’ve blogged each and every day for almost a year now.

I’ve decided to sign up for something known as National Blog Posting Month.

National Blog Posting Month is the epicenter of daily blogging! People who want to set the habit of blogging by doing it every day for a month, including weekends, can come here for moral support, inspiration, and the camaraderie that only marathon blogging can provide.

Here is a list of the 10 bloggers that have currently registered from Hawaii (there maybe more but they haven’t listed their location):

I know I won’t have any problem writing one post a month, my problem will be figuring out how this thing works!

I welcome the challenge and look forward to the chance at winning one of the great prizes available.

Here’s a look at the prize winners and prizes awarded in 2008.

This months theme: HEROES

So I’m trying to pick a “Hero” in this community and I do think there are quite a few of them.

My Hero I will elect, is Dave Corrigan from Big Island Video News.

I’ve known Dave for about 10 months now and the work he does for Big Island residents on his video blog has really changed politics here on this island.

It’s also motivated me to become a better blogger and use video of my own on my blog… however, my videos will never be as good as Mr. Corrigans.

A prime example of his most recent work would be the recent County Council Meeting that basically featured an “Illegal Coup” by our county council folks.

Dave was there to not only get it on film… he has put this online for everyone in the community to see what a “Farce” our County Council is.

Dave Corrigan… You are “My Hero”.