Hawaii County Deputy Managing Director Loans $16,000 Personal Money for Kona Fireworks Show

Barbara Kossow

Barbara Kossow

Hawaii County Deputy Managing Director, Barbara Kossow has apparently loaned $16,000 dollars of her own money to help fund the Kona Fireworks show this year.  I read the following tweet a little while ago:

Kudos to Barbara Kossow who personally fronted a big deposit needed to secure fireworks for the 4th + fundraised. Model county employee.

I followed up on the tweet and asked more about this and this was the reply:

Pyro people needed 50% deposit to secure. Barbara Kossow wrote the personal check knowing she’d be reimbursed later – but still it was $16k.

What a nice thing for her to do… but I have to wonder why the SNAFU and why a county employee would have to loan their own private money to a function like this?

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  1. Thanks for bringing that to the public’s attention. If we all looked for the good stuff, we’d find MORE of it. Barbara’s a really sweet, Big Island-hearted woman.

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