Surveilance Cameras in Pahoa… Craigslist Rant

No Loitering sign outside of Cash and Carry

No Loitering sign outside of Cash and Carry

Pahoa has had some Weed and Seed surveilance cameras for quite some time.

Nancy Cook Lauer was incorrect today when she mentioned the following in today’s West Hawaii Today.

…The grant from the Hawaii Tourism Authority will place cameras along Alii Drive in Kailua-Kona, as well as at Akaka Falls and in undisclosed locations in Hilo and Pahoa….

…Other than traffic surveillance cameras at some intersections, these are the first known government-sponsored public surveillance cameras on the island, although similar programs have been in effect in Waikiki and Chinatown on Oahu for about 10 years…

There was an interesting Rant on Craigslist that was brought to my attention by a store front owner the other day.

Parking lot referred to in craigslist rant

Parking lot referred to in craigslist rant

I see the trash is still in front of Cash & Carry and over by the Book Buying Store, You store owners in Pahoa Town just don`t care, you need to clean up the trash in front of your stores, it hangs out in front of Pahoa Cash & Carry, First Hawaiian Bank, Puna Style and the new Book Store accross the street from the bank, Older people feel intimidated walking around or through this trash you can`t even get up the stairs to the bank or get into Cash and Carry without being hit up for money, or drugs or to buy drugs or there selling there ASS yes those girls are HOOKERS/Whores, Hey mom your daughter is a Drug Whore and they are also holding the Dope for there PIMP BOYFRIENDS, Our Local Police in Pahoa can`t be that Dumb they just drive by and look straight ahead, Store Owners Call the COPS and have the trash removed and if they won`t do it call the Chief of Police Do what China Town Did take back you town business is bad enough without the trash hanging out Cash & Carry has let this go on for years between there and the bank, shame on you !!!

Of course there is a Security guard that typically sits right there on the other side of the Bank after banking hours. I’m not sure what the shift is, or who is paying for the security… but with rants like the ones above… maybe it’s not enough?

Security Guard Next to First Hawaiian Bank

Security Guard Next to First Hawaiian Bank

2 Responses

  1. I love Pahoa town it’s like getting in a time machine and going back fifty years or so. Hell we still have Beatnic’s with bongo drums walking around where else can you find that other than San Fagcisco by the bay.

    The Lack

  2. That ranter is just that. Someone must have really pushed his/her buttons. I think Pahoa is a lot cleaner and more friendly than it used to be. It is what it is. Nobody is forcing anyone to go near the thugs & hookers (if there really are any).

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