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Dispatches From Curt — Steadfast And Ever-Faithful GOP Loyalist Elroy Osorio And Some Island Political History

01 Jul 2009 / Dispatches From Curt, Guest Columns, commentary, politics

Curtis Narimatsu

(Curtis Narimatsu is a lifelong resident of Hilo who writes about the forgotten past such as the old plantation days & untold heroes.)

Emil Osorio, born 1898, arrived here in 1910, nephew of mogul J.A.M. Osorio. Emil is Elroy’s father. Emil got Board of Water Supply job under GOP County Chairman Sam Mahuka Spencer. Elroy Osorio born Sept. 1924 — 84 yrs. old but looks 64 yrs. young, was inspired by GOP County Chairman Jimmy Kealoha to run for political office.

Elroy Osorio (about a decade or so ago)

Next to GOP Bernard Akana/Wendell Kaehuaea, GOP Elroy is a perennial candidate/loser, but ever-faithful GOP loyalist. Yet, Elroy won 90% of Keaukaha [DHHL] votes vs. Dem Shun Kimura for mayor 1964. Elroy asked dying GOP Sen. Doc Hill to succeed Hill in 1970, but Hill picked Hill’s inhouse business “hanai” son Scotch Henderson. Elroy’s biggest shock was when Dem Aaron Chung beat Elroy for Elroy’s incumbent County Council seat. Like Barack Obama, Aaron crested on youth & verve. Elroy’s other shock was when his sole identity group, his one-only GOP, picked Dem turncoat Harvey Tajiri over Elroy to tiff vs. Dems for mayor in 2000. GOP’s Kona haole faction dismissed Elroy as an old fart has-been. Opportunist Harry Kim then entered the fray & wiped out Tajiri in the GOP primary. Elroy was emcee at Tajiri’s rally because GOP boss Lingle told Elroy to support Tajiri, but Elroy jumped fence right after that to support late entry Harry Kim on the GOP primary election ticket. Elroy was told by Kim in 1990 that Kim might run vs. Elroy or Lorraine Rodero Inouye for mayor, but Kim did not run. Yet, Elroy endorsed Kim in 2000 after the GOP bypassed Elroy for mayor.

Dem turncoat Harvey Tajiri said that Dem oyabun/godfather Scrub Tanaka told Tajiri a buddahead won’t win the mayor’s race in 2000, & for Tajiri to stay out of the Dem primary for mayor. Which is why Tajiri changed to GOP. Yet, Tajiri told GOP members that Lingle promoted Tajiri for GOP mayor. Tajiri says both events are true. Elroy says that Elroy’s endorsement of opportunist Kim was Elroy’s counter to being ignored by Elroy’s GOP. Elroy went all out to support Lingle vs. Cayetano in 1998, but was not asked by GOP head Lingle to run for mayor in 2000. Elroy supported peer Andy Anderson [GOP turncoat] in 2002, which switched off/faux pas vs. Lingle ever again [vs. GOP Lingle for Gov.], ergo, haoles split the vote for Case/Anderson, enabling Hirono to face off vs. Lingle in the general election, Hirono being the most formidable Dem according to Lingle [but Matt Matsunaga’s Lt. Gov. primary win doomed the all-Jap Dem ticket]. Yes, Elroy’s support of Anderson actually helped Lingle win, but Lingle purged Elroy permanently thereafter. Not that Elroy’s presence ever concerned/worried Lingle, but clearly, he was eviscerated to zero thereafter. Nonetheless, after Kim became mayor 2000, Lingle arranged to meet Kim at Lawrence Appraisal at Hata Bldg. to get Kim to join GOP team. Elroy was there as peacemaker. Kim would have none of GOP boss Lingle’s overtures for team-first. None!! Lingle was ticked off, man. If GOP loser Lofty Cook had endorsed GOP winner Elroy for mayor vs. Shun Kimura in 1964, Elroy would’ve beaten Kimura. But dearest Lofty regarded Elroy as a prodigy of Lofty, & Lofty never forgave Elroy for running vs. Lofty. Which is why Lofty refused to congratulate or endorse Elroy vs. Shun Kimura for mayor 1964. Till her dying day, our greatest-ever First Lady May Bradley Cook revulsed vs. Elroy’s run vs. Lofty. Elroy now regrets Elroy’s ambition, now seeing how hurt the Cooks were. But the thing about bank teller Lofty is that whoever got to Lofty last had the edge in influence over gullible Lofty, as GOP Al Felix always chafed about Lofty. Aaron Chung says that Elroy never congratulated Aaron for beating incumbent councilman Elroy. Elroy says that Elroy was doing a great job as County Councilman, so why would Aaron Chung run vs. Elroy except to get Aaron’s high 3 pension as former corp counsel who was ousted by boss Wurdeman? Essentially, Aaron did to Elroy what Elroy did to Lofty, upend the status quo, for better or worse. Aaron is not surprised that Ted Hong turncoated to GOP, being that Machiavellian Ted played both sides of the partisan fence. Yet Ted has no judgeship reward to show for it. Elroy says that Jimmy Kealoha was consumed w/Jimmy’s race for Lt. Gov. 1959 & dealing w/malihini Quinn thereafter, & thus unable to help Elroy in Elroy’s 2 wins for bd. of supervisors/council 1960 & 1962. Elroy’s only other Dem endorsement beside endorsing Andy Anderson was when Elroy endorsed Dante Carpenter for County Council in Dante’s viriginal run 1968. Dante/wife Olan went all out for Elroy vs. Shun Kimura in ‘66. Elroy was asked

by Dems Yamada/Jitchaku to turn Dem to run vs. County clerk Margaret Kaaua. This was heresy to Elroy because Margaret was like Elroy’s hanai mother & Elroy never would turn Dem. Elroy was saddened by this request. Scrub always respected Elroy & never asked Elroy to turn Dem. Elroy’s legacy is that Elroy is the quintessential GOP party loyalist. He is a Jimmy Kealoha populist a la Dan Akaka’s aloha spirit. Unlike GOP Doc Hill/Scotch Henderson, who were non-party solons, Elroy is a party man all the way. Elroy’s volleyball fame is as the PR guy for the Haili tourney. Elroy is among our greatest softball pitchers/hoopsters. When Elroy’s dad Emil married full-blooded Hawaiian Eliza Kamakawiwo`ole [Elroy’s mom], J.A.M. Osorio banished Emil from family gatherings. Even then, Emil was buxom buddy w/ JAM’s youngest son Sonny [Excelsior Dairy/Blaisdell Hotel]. As you know, JAM’s 2 other sons were Judge Tristan M. Osorio & M.D. Vasco Osorio. Still, Elroy forgives JAM Osorio for JAM’s out of race bigotry. Elroy does not attribute separatist son Jon’s extremism to JAM’s bigotry. Jon simply felt excluded from mainstream popularity via Elroy’s election losses. Jon found his calling w/society’s underclass/outcast Hawaiians. Destiny. — Curt

Hilo’s J.A.M. Osorio, charitable entrepreneur listed in 1940 Pan-Pacific Who’s Who/ These noble frontiersmen below blazed amazing trails of high ideals & community-building. Hilo’s J.A.M. Osorio was a charitable businessman who enabled assimilation/Americanization. His helm at O Luso Hawaiiano 1889-1891 saw news pertinent to our immigrants and, thanks to prior editor Pedro Augusto Dias 1888-1889, provided news items in the English language, a wholly new departure from Stateside print. Hilo contempo Elroy Osorio is a descendant of J.A.M. Osorio. Elroy’s son is Jon Osorio,

the breakaway separatist [Elroy’s mom is Eliza Kamakawiwo`ole Hawaiian]. — Curt

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Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 2nd, 2009 at 12:42 am

I thank gracious editor Tiffany Edwards Hunt for allowing me to share my notes with Tiff’s readers, & I also thank Tiffany for Elroy’s handsome photo accompaniment. I apologize for my single-spaced composition. Aloha, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 2nd, 2009 at 6:13 am

Elroy Osorio still is as dreamboat as Apollo. Elroy is beset with being associated with hi-maka-maka/uppity haoles because Elroy 1) is GOP [Party of the Rich]; 2) goes out to lunch with uppity haoles, who love him for his Apollo looks/great charm; 3) in accordance with Elroy’s alter ego Jimmy Kealoha 1908-1983, Elroy will engage in a free expensive lunch on an invite till infinity. Yikes!! Smart man Great lunch companion!! Love, –Curt

Doc Says:

July 2nd, 2009 at 9:41 am

Love your posts, Curt. How in the hell do you remember so much detail?!!

Casual Observer Says:

July 2nd, 2009 at 12:55 pm

You are da man! Mahalo Tiff for all of Curt’s posts. Man, this is great!

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 2nd, 2009 at 1:05 pm

Hi Doc: Thank you for your kindness. I’ve praised your posts collectively with others as instilling new ideas & ways of solving things. Congratulations on being an ideas person & practical, sensible problem solver. As to your query about remembering detail, 2 factors are 1) experiencing failure — my Dad Toshi 1913-1998 was a diehard GOP, being pre-1920 born plantation kid out of Wainaku mill camp who completed the 8th grade, not beyond; Dad was an Abraham Lincoln Republican who excelled at poker, which is what led Dad’s GOP buddy Yoshio Inaba 1910-2009 [dancer Carrie Inaba’s grand-uncle] to urge Dad to attend Dale Carnegie classes to sell insurance, which Dad did [thanks to Yoshio Inaba]– anyway, Dad’s older 2nd generation/Nisei AJA gang including Inaba/100th Batt. Kats Kometani/Joe Itagaki/Jack Mizuha [Dad was 442nd Silver Star awardee after enlisting out of plantation repair shop mechanic job] essentially was marginalized into irrelevance by post-1920 born AJAs armed with high school diplomas [DPI/”DOE” chief Oren Long, Kansas granger egalitarian 1889-1965 exacted on his watch/tenure 1934-1946 that his kids would go beyond the 8th grade & get a high school diploma, starting with Oren’s 8th grade plantation kids in 1934, thence ensuring upward mobility for Jack Burns’ 1909-1975 militant young turk Democrats, all born post-1920]. Which is why Dad’s older AJAs/GOP ilk scorned foe Democrat Dan Inouye born 1924 as a loudmouth punk, just as Dad’s gang scorned Democrat Nelson Doi born 1922 as a histrionic rubber-necker/442 wanna-be. Dad’s older AJA gang was a historical failure/Uncle Tom in revolter Dan Inouye’s gang’s eyes. 2) I lived thru these halcyon/titillating eras, when GOP Gov. Bill Quinn 1959-1962 promised Quinn’s new mahele [sell State lands at $50 per acre], which got stopped cold by our Democratic legislature which wasn’t going to let haole malihini Gov. Quinn take credit for egalitarian land distribution/reform– & when Gov. Bill Quinn torched out/killed his own re-election shoo-in win 1962 by refusing to dole out 500 brand new patronage jobs that pragmatic GOP Lt. Gov. Jimmy Kealoha of Pahoa 1908-1983 exhorted be done to build up the new grassroot GOP from scratch, instead of the obsolete old money Oligarch GOP of Quinn’s reminiscences. I experienced the GOP rallies at Hilo Armory [Party of the Unwashed Democrats were relegated to tiny Mo’oheau Park rain-drenched/ocean spray rusted/wind-swept open air pavilion. So I guess detail is second nature to a GOP progeny such as myself who’s really had no one to talk to about the past, inasmuch GOP progeny like me are on the outside looking in for half a century & longer. Aloha, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 2nd, 2009 at 1:34 pm

Hi Casual Observer: Thank you so much for your thoughtful expressions. I’ve praised you collectively with others for your wayfinding ideas/pragmatic solutions. On my buddahead side, AJAs’ most esteemed scholar, Franklin Odo born 1939 of Kaimuki, hit home when he intoned, referencing a recently deceased but equivocal colleague, “Hey, guys like us get paid to establish new ways of looking at things, these are what we live and die for, so when someone takes our ideas & claims these as his or her own, I really get upset. Which is why I tend to keep to myself, not to be anti-social, but I choose to be quiet, not to run with the ‘in-crowd.’” I choose to be with my Dad’s older brethren. Which is why I bury myself in the past. Tombstone idolatry?? Certainly not Dan Inouye punk-ass idolatry Love, –Curt

Brian Jordan Says:

July 2nd, 2009 at 7:19 pm

Linda Lingle destroyed the GOP. All that can be done now by Elroy or an yGOP member is face reality. She betrayed the party for personal gain. The GOP has to stress the fact that taxes and pay have been increased by the Democratic Party. They should dissect Abercrombies voting record. Any GOP candidate should run on a platform he will return ALL of the UNDESERVRED RAISE these crookss gave themselves at the State and County level. I returned to the Democratic party but the truth is each party is full of hypoctitical liars.

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 2nd, 2009 at 11:22 pm

Fighting Irish Brian Jordan born 1955, steeped in real-life double-crosses by GOP titular head Lingle, knows the reality of today’s GOP. Look at the defection of GOP solons over to the Democrats. There is no GOP solon bloc anymore, because Gov. Lingle attends to her orchestrated narcissist legacy, the other GOP solons be damned, so to speak. Ask NFL alltime great/GOP Russ Francis for his opinion on Gov. Lingle. You’ll go apoplectic. We have great GOP talent who happen to be female pathfinders a la Amelia Earhart — Hilo’s Merle Nishimura Lam/Lorraine Shin — who got dumped by GOP head Lingle even though these crusaders scored a mythical 1st — Lingle won the Big Island vs. Cayetano in 1998, like how bi-racial Obama became President last year. GOP head Lingle will crush any subordinate who chalks up pizzaz that outdoes non-telegenic Lingle. Look at local stud Russ Francis, our NFL Hall of Fame literal tight end [in wahine eyes] 6′7″ 250 lbs. Russ stays at Merle Nishimura Lam’s home when he’s here NO SEX — Hilo’s divorcee Merle like an older sister to Russ. Is Russ into Linda?? Don’t bet your laulau on it. No, gang, not double standard vs. female Linda here. This is about Linda, not about being female. Brian Jordan is no Hercules Russ Francis. Yet Linda is obsessed with crushing grassroot recruiter Brian, who brought highest # of delegates to GOP convention, only to be isolated by Linda, thence ensuring Brian’s demise at the polls as a GOP candidate. Luso/Portuguese GOP Fred Hemmings histrionic, not our granite ground stone. The sole surviving GOP solon who leads the way is [of all persons] kotonk/Statesider Barbara Marumoto, not even a local gal!! Barbara got Lorraine Shin the GOP plum job USDA over Linda’s opposition. Barbara recognized Merle Lam’s immense sacrifices for GOP causes over Linda’s choking off the limelight vs. Merle. Ad infinita. Sad to say, but Bob Awana was Linda’s Svengali/Rasputin, Linda’s executioner, so to speak. Sad because you never want to portray a female as co-dependent on a strong male figure. Never. But it happened with the Lingle-Awana dynamic/symbiosis. Sad. You see, I’m GOP progeny. Our memorable/recent GOP wayfinder was Scotch Henderson, who was GOP scion Doc Hill’s prodigy. Scotch’s greatest asset was Scotch’s ability to transcend Party lines & do what is best for all of Hawaii’s teeming masses, not just preferred segments of our population. Of course, our greatest GOP in the history of our Hawaiian Islands is Statehood Joe Farrington 1897-1954 Congressional Delegate 1942-1954 [died of fatal heart attack while in office], for Joe’s grassroot love for everyone, even though Joe came from Oligarch stock [so-called Maine mafia :-)]. Do you know that Joe’s trinity advisors/kitchen cabinet were led by 100th Batt./442nd genesis Pastor Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002, who delegated roles to Kats Kometani [post office patronage slots] & Masaji Marumoto [legal nerve center]?? Linda Lingle has very able policy pro Linda Smith, but does not listen to Smith — whereas Statehood Joe Farrington awaited on bated breath for every move proposed by Hung Wai Ching [not braggart baby brother Hung Wo Ching 1912-1996, whose mantra “money is god” resonated well with baby brother’s godfather Jack Burns 1909-1975 — baby brother “Wo” was Burns’ financier, though ancestral regional kin Clarence Ching — today’s ubiquitous Foundation — was Burns’ quiet/steady campaign treasurer]. Ching Ching Ching — each sound had a different pitch in reality. GOP Gov. Bill Quinn 1959-1962 [appointed by Ike 1957-1959, after Ike’s nemesis GOP Ohio Bob Taft died, leaving Taft’s choice–compromise– GOP Sam Wilder King to die on the vine — King was appointed Gov. by Ike 1953-1957 — King was imperious but not as bad as his son Judge Sam King, whose holy sh_t don’t stink — ask the Kuriyamas about son Sam’s “trenchmouth” 1970 Governor’s race when GOP candidate Sam the son accused Gov. Burns of going soft on organized crime, thereby causing the murder of esteemed Sen. Larry Kuriyama. As Gov. Burns bristled vs. out-of-touch with reality Sam the son, “Any damn fool (Sam the son) can take a stand.” After Joe Farrington’s sudden death from a heart attack, Fred Rolfing was a good fascimile of Joe] –yes, again GOP Gov. Bill Quinn — despite Quinn’s Harvard law degree, Quinn was clueless as a politician/corporate boardroom convener — Japanese say wakaran — no common sense — don’t know any better — as you see with son Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld — all the schooling & experience in the world don’t count for “nothin’” if you ain’t got no common sense, as our greatest American folklorist Mark Twain would say. Remember that grade schooler Twain said that “I never let schooling get in the way of my education!” Reprise Gov. Quinn as our negative exemplar — wakaran. Here is oh-so-handsome/singing hearthrob Irish tenor Quinn who starts fresh with a clean slate as our 1st elected Governor 1959-1962, who doesn’t know a thing about incumbent advantages [patronage/Party loyalty], who blows his guaranteed re-election by refusing to heed the pleas of long-in-the-tooth wizened GOP leaders Hiram Fong/Lt. Gov. Jimmy Kealoha, not to mention Statehood Joe’s trinity of Hung Wai Ching/Kats Kometani/Mas Marumoto. Clueless — cognomen/surname for Quinn. Yikes!! Yes, I’m GOP progeny. As for our early Democrats, you know that our messiah is Kanaka Johnny Wilson 1871-1956, who worked w/peerage-staples Kohala’s JJ Fern & so-called genesis Democrat David Kawananakoa. But aside from Kanaka Johnny, who was utterly all-inclusive/loving to a fault [ask Kanaka Johnny’s apostles Maui Takaichi Miyamoto/Kea’au Richard Imai/Kona Doc E. Mitsuo Kuwahara], our other early Dems were as exclusive [Haw’ns only] as our Oligarch haole GOP — yes, the Heens/Trasks were no more help to our teeming masses than Lorrin A. Thurston was. Which is why the pejorative Party of the Unwashed actually denotes our ethnic Democrats Luso/Portuguese progeny [Manuel Pacheco, Johnny Wilson’s prodigy], & Asian progeny [K.T. Ho, Johnny Wilson’s prodigy], & Spanish/Puerto Rican progeny [Skippy Ortiz, Johnny Wilson’s prodigy]. Though all of Johnny Wilson’s apostles/acolytes have passed on into the Providence of the Hereafter [except for senile Rich Imai born 1910], Kanaka Johnny’s grassroot legacy lives on today in new acolytes incarnate Ed Case/Mufi/Bob Nakata, not to mention earlier destiny-makers Tom Gill/Jack Burns/Najo Yoshinaga. Do you know that our former Councilor Aaron Chung born 1958 [sorry, I said earlier that Aaron was born 1957 — I’m japanee, what’d ya expect — foolishly l yr. ahead on calendar] is my Johnny Wilson come alive?? Yobo/Korean Aaron [actually, Aaron’s mom is Japanese] as our County Council member was for our 2% land fund as Charter amendment, not ordinance amendment, credit to Kanaka Johnny Wilson’s mystique over Aaron reflecting the spirit of the islands — live Aloha!! Trite but True!! Love, –Curt

ivantatum Says:

July 3rd, 2009 at 6:25 am


You make a good point. Why is private business the only one to suffer from this recession while the elitist county and state worker does not sacrafice. The unions say raise taxes and that is all they want to do. I would vote for a candidate that was fically conservative who would give back the raises and furlough, layoff, and cut benefits. Everyone needs to have a buy-in.

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 8:09 am

Majestic Eileen Lota’s dad Noble Kauhane was Kanaka Johnny Wilson’s 1871-1956 right hand man. Noble was a great multi-sport star, coach, & Honolulu city councilor/bd. of supervisors. Noble was the steadying influence on the city council/bd. of supervisors during Kanaka Johnny Wilson’s long tenure as Honolulu mayor. Kanaka Johnny is the ONLY Honolulu mayor who could’ve been elected governor, because unlike all other Honolulu mayors, Kanaka Johnny’s greatest strength lay on the neighbor islands, where he was Paul Bunyan [grassroot development of the pioneer Party of the Unwashed Democratic Party], but Johnny died before electoral Statehood [Johnny was anathema both to GOP/elitist Dem overlords like Haw’ns-only Heen/Trask ohana], meaning that everyday voters never got a chance to elect Johnny as our 1st Statehood Governor. For all of Jack Burns’ 1909-1975 fetes, Burns was no Johnny Wilson. But both giants of history had the right idea — Hawai’i is pluralistic/inclusionary, the true spirit of the islands — to live Aloha!! No, House Speaker Charles Kauhane 1905-1982 is not related to mythic action hero Noble Kauhane. Ingrate Charles called Dan Inouye’s buddahead solons the new “Diet” [Japan parliament] when Inouye’s gang overthrew the Old Order, including the Heens/Trasks. Jack Burns had immense love for Kanaka Johnny Wilson/Noble Kauhane [Noble’s daughter Nobleen was Burns’ Capitol Hill liaison/ace], but by the time Burns came to power in 1956 as Congressional Delegate, Kanaka Johnny had just died at age 85, being senile for the past decade 1946-1956 with Maui’s Takaichi Miyamoto [progenitor to later heavies Dan Aoki/Mike Tokunaga] & Herbert Kum [Chinese prodigy of wayfinder Pastor Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002] essentially running Kanaka Johnny’s Mayor’s office. Burns always extolled Kanaka Johnny as appointing unemployed/dirt-destitute Burns as civil defense head in 1950 under Johnny’s mayoralship, & Burns forever was grateful to Kanaka Johnny. It was in the basement cellar at Honolulu Hale on Punchbowl St. where civil defense chief Burns started his “cell gang” [dungeon office of Civil Defense] of multi-ethnic New Democrats that became the 1954 revolutionaries that upended the Status Quo/Old feudalistic Order of GOPs/Haw’ns-only Dems [Heen/Trask], with Burns’ feisty young bloods Bill Richardson/Herm Lum/Dan Inouye/etc. But Kanaka Johnny was the 1st solon to lead a multi-racial phalanx a century ago. Irony is that road engineer/builder Kanaka Johnny [built the old Pali Highway] didn’t become mayor until age 50 [by default, when Kohala native JJ Fern died 1921]. Kanaka Johnny was so popular that even in senility, GOP’s favorite son Rusty Blaisdell 1902-1975 still lost to Kanaka Johnny for mayor. The genesis of Frank Fasi started with Fasi’s win over Kanaka Johnny for mayor 1954 in Dem primary, but Rusty Blaisdell beat Fasi in the general election, where Blaisdell would hold court/reins of power for the next 14 yrs. 1954-1968, with Blaisdell retiring & not getting beaten by Fasi in 1968. You see, gang, Curtis Iaukea & tremendous preacher Rev. Albert Palmer [Kansas granger boy like Oren Long] mediated the 1920 sugar strike, where the laborers hunkered into ethnic enclaves [Filipinos led by Pablo Manlapit/Japs led by Noboru Tsutsumi]. The laborers’ death knell [conquered by Big 5 Oligarchs] was that they were NOT a unified multi-racial phalanx as later led by astute Harry Bridges/Jack Hall/Louis Goldblatt/Waipunalei’s Luso/Portuguese messiah George Martin 1924-2009. Curtis Iaukea was our greatest Hawaiian leader who foreordained later mega-heavies like Lloyd R. Killam 1885-1982, who at 30 yrs. younger than Jesus incarnate Iaukea worshipped the very ground where Iaukea treaded. Killam in turn groomed later Rev. Abe Akaka alter ego Rev. Hung Wai Ching’s initial alter ego Scot John Young 1902-1990. Mega-destiny makers all!! Hilo’s proud native son Ernie Kai 1905-1990, descended from original Southern China sugar master/planter Tong Ai Yee [today’s tremendous Aluli ohana incl. Manu Meyer also are Tong Ai Yee’s descendants][great solon Joseph Nahawi of Kalapana married Tong Ai Yee’s lovely progeny Aima], raised in the heartland of Lyman turf Haili/Church St., was a pioneer Democrat who, like Kanaka Johnny Wilson, believed in E Plurubis Unnum [Out of many, One]/heterogenous yet unifying sense of governance. Sadly for Jack Burns, Jack lumped magnanimous statesman Ernie Kai with retrograde Heen/Trask ohana because Ernie refused to give Burns federal patronage job slots to build up Burns’ New Democrats in 1951, when Ernie was up for appointment as Territorial Governor by President Harry Truman. Unlike hard scrabble ruffian Burns, Ernie Kai was elegant/classy all the way, a superior exemplification over Burns of “the spirit of the islands — Aloha!!” It’s Burns loss that Burns discarded Ernie Kai from Burns’ young “hood” Democrats. Look at Dan Inouye today — still a ruffian. No, not Robin Hood/Errol Flynn. ID WWF hysteria [Inouye bashes New Asian Punahou/calls in Stimulus Fund for CPB/ruffles hairdresser Kwock/etc.]. Yikes!! Ernie Kai was strong silent tall dark handsome Westerner type a la Gary Cooper [High Noon] — quiet strength/manner. Yes, absolutely Burns’ loss. So Ernie Kai really is our forgotten hero, our untold savior. So sad. Love everlasting, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 8:29 am

Typo: Great statesman Joseph Nawahi, not Nahawi! Pepe’ekeo boy Amos Ignacio 1908-1982 was breakaway separatist a la misguided UH foil Jon Osorio [Elroy’s son], who tried to wrest Hawaiian laborers away from nascent ILWU, on grounds that young turk ILWU leaders were Asian commies [Russia/Red China][Jew Goldblatt a la Russian revolutionaries/Ah Quon as Mao clone]. So Aussie expatriate Harry Bridges came in from Frisco to face down eyeball to eyeball Amos Ignacio at incendiary ILWU convene at our Hilo Armory 1947. ILWU chief Harry said that no way was our ILWU going to kill itself the way that ethnic strife among laborers killed the 1920 sugar strikers, with Flips warring vs. Japs, Pochos warring vs. Yobos/Chinks, etc. No way!! Amos Ignacio fled to Honoka’a — where he/lovely pristine-pure golden-hearted wife settled down into obscurity till their dying days. Love always, –Curt

ivantatum Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 11:44 am

It’s very nice that you speak so kindly of Uncle Ernie. I need to call his his grandsons/our cousins about your comments because they would sure like to read it. Uncle Ernie understood service to your community and did that for many years after leaving Yale Law School and it was only after his wife Peggy, another Punahou and Yale graduate, an curator/executive (I think) at Bishop Museum, who wrote one of the most well researched and fascinating books on our Hawaiian geneaology, ever, encouraged him to get in to coroporate law did he leave and not seek elected public office again.

I was told a story how in 1953, at his parents 50th anniversary party luau in Hilo, in the old Kai home to the right of Haili Church, where the old senior care home is that Walter Dillinghan went around the party and showed everyone a check for a commission Ernie had earned and Dillingham paid him and it was for one million dollars. ($1,000,000) And I heard this from a reliable source. John K. Kai, his father donated the bell, clock and stain glass window that has his name engraved at St. Joseph Chuch over one hundred years ago. I remember his wife (Annie Kai, whose sisters married a Baker and Aluli, while also cousins with the Lyman’s and Nawahi’s) raised all of the Kai children Protestant and took them to Haili church on Sunday morning, which was right next door while his father walked across the street to the catholic St. Joseph Chuch for mass. Alot of the Kai’ latter followed their father and grandfather and became catholics and that is where the tie to St. Joseph School starts.

Curtis you should write a book.

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 12:35 pm

Hi Ivan: Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your correct observations. Walter Dillingham 1875-1963 is the genesis of Haw’n Dredging, which constructed our Pearl Harbor complex. Do you know that Walter had a direct phone line to FDR?? Yes, Walter was the most powerful man in the Pacific, starting with Teddy Roosevelt [FDR’s cousin], both Teddy/FDR being Naval experts [prodigies of modern Naval warfare genesis Alfred Mahan]. Walter’s mom was missionary progeny, so Walter gave his family’s 8-acre Woodlawn shangri-la estate at Punahou/Beretania Sts. to Rev. Albert Palmer’s Congregational Central Union Church in 1924. Of course, Ernie Kai 1905-1990 was a kindly, beneficent man who never thought too highly of himself. After all, his family supported Chinese revolutionary Sun Yat-sen, who spent 7 yrs. in Hawai’i toiling to see China into the 20th century. Ernie Kai’s ‘uhane/spirit incarnate is today’s mature Nainoa Thompson, who learned early on thru utter failure/tragedy [Eddie Aikau didn’t have to go/die had Nainoa been prudent & not embarked on a wind-swept/blustery day] the true meanings of humility & inner strength. Yes, gang, Ernie Kai was a man for the ages/all seasons, peerless in heritage & history. Ernie’s wife Peggy follows in his footsteps. When you look at today’s kupuna Nainoa Thompson, you’re looking straight into the eyes of mythical hero/ever-beloved Ernie Kai. Love everlasting, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 4:28 pm

Biblically, many are called, but few are chosen. Just the same, Ernie Kai 1905-1990 is among our rarest chosen ones who instilled in us agape love for all. Yes, I know that Ernie’s ohana like Ivan Tatum [pseudonym] take tremendous pride in Ernie’s Yale degree, correctly so. But a famous education with no common sense doesn’t amount to anything [ergo Gov. Bill Quinn 1959-1962 Harvard law degree, who couldn’t add up simple numbers of support for his re-election bid 1962]. Congressional Delegate 1922-1926 Democrat Billy Jarrett took great pride in prodigy Ernie Kai, who was destined to be our eventual Democratic appointed Governor, all but sabotaged by Jack Burns 1909-1975, who purloined Ernie’s appointment by President Truman 1951 & supplanted it with Oren Long 1889-1965, all because Ernie refused to concede federal patronage job slots for Burns’ disenfranchised New Democrats. Twist is that so did Democrat Oren Long refuse to bargain with Burns over patronage, which is why Oren Long was forced to retire in 1962 as our U.S. Senator 1959-1962, replaced by Dan Inouye born 1924. Oren died 3 yrs. later in 1965. Aloha, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 8:10 pm

Kanaka Billy Jarrett was an earthy Andrew Jackson Democrat [Jackson the founder of the Democratic Party 1828, though Thomas Jefferson 1790 planted its seed with limited government/States’ rights, Jefferson regal in nature, Jackson a bootstrap soil-turner], and strangely enough, was alter ego to budding solon & Jeffersonian-majestic Ernie Kai 1905-1990. To use Tiffany Edwards Hunt’s smashingly super phrase, Jarrett/Kai were a great “tag-team” duo. Two-pack dynamos!! Of course, populist Jarrett’s persona was enhanced by Kai’s erudite countenance, just as Kai’s image was enhanced by Jarrett’s public ardor/blithe spirit. It’s no surprise that golden boy Ernie Kai was groomed early on for titular leadership as appointed Governor and/or elected Congressional Delegate. Ernie would’ve made it to the top but for Jack Burns’ 1909-1975 sabotage of Ernie’s appointment as our Territorial Governor by President Truman. Essentially, Burns eliminated Kai as Burns’ leading rival for elected Governor if/when Hawai’i became a State, both being peers/same age bracket. Kai as Governor would’ve been an ideal statesman who answered a call to public service a la classy Thomas Jefferson, vs. Burns, who, like butt-kicker Andrew Jackson, typified the militant repudiation of benevolent paternalism of a bygone era [Big 5 chokehold over every facet of life]. Kai would’ve accomplished what Burns did — upend the Status Quo — Birth of a new Social Order — equal opportunity for necessities of life [health care/housing/education/job market/etc.] — with no overlay of cronyism/graft/corruption so evident with Burns’ political legacy [non-haoles became as corrupt/self-anointed power-brokers as haole Oligarchs]. Of course, had our greatest-ever GOP solon Statehood Joe Farrington 1897-1954 survived his heart attack while in office as our Congressional Delegate 1942-1954, there’s no question that Statehood Joe would’ve been our greatest-ever Governor, with tremendous breadth/scope of deepest admiration from all quarters — Merchant St. Big 5/common laborers such as ILWU-Teamsters/educators like Thomas Hamilton/non-haole teeming masses whom Statehood Joe had immense affinity with [Statehood Joe was acolyte of grassroot champion Lloyd R. Killam 1885-1982, who in turn was prodigy of our greatest statesman, Curtis Iaukea, 30 yrs. Killam’s senior/etc.]. Well, as fate would have it, Jack Burns conveniently eliminated charming/exuberant/elan Ernie Kai in 1951 “by hook and crook!!” So sad. Ernie our untold Biblical Stephen, our devoted martyr to humanity’s/freedom’s cause. Love always, –Curt

ivantatum Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 8:18 pm

I guess Ernest Kapuamailani Kai was one of the few that would not sell his soul to ascend the latter of advancement. It’s a lesson to be learned but you can see a person’s true character not by giving him money but power. Those who use their power wisely and judiciously are those with true leadership ability. Those who stand up for what is right and fight for those that are being oppressed. We rarely see that in politics or government here in this state or especially on this island. We rarely see that in any profession, those standing up for what is right but instead of towing the line and not making waves.

I am proud of Uncle Ernie, being a graduate of Punahou, Yale, and Yale Law School, but the contributions he made and the impact he made in Hawaii’s history not mentioned are what I am most proud of. He was a very classy and sophisticated man and generous to a fault. I loved to listen to him talk with his Ivy League accent, it was so beautiful to hear and listen too. A role model for many Hawaiians of his day.

I remember one year on break from college, I was taking a summer class at UHH from a Socilology professor, Gerald DeMello. The assignment was interviewing an older local person who would remember the way of old Hawaii, politics, economcis, educational oppurtunities, etc. I interviewed George P. Kai (Whittier College classmate of Richard Nixon), Ernie’s brother, and I wrote a ten page paper on the subject. A very good subject to write about.

When I turned in the assignment, immediately after class was over, Mr. DeMello asked me to stay and talk. DeMello talked about the brothers Ernie, George, Herbert, Albert and John (a Yale graduate like his brother) and the fact he looked up to the men I wrote about. He said as a kid he grew up on Alae Street and remembered the get-togethers at the Kai house and how he looked up to these men, especially George for his reputation in government and the way he carried himself and dressed. I was astounded that he would pick my assignment out of everyone else in the class who completed the assignment and want to inquire and talk about it.

I remember once having dinner with friends at the Kilauea Lodge, it must have been 25 years ago, and I was with a bunch of my friends. We were young kids in our teens and early twenties and having a good time when I looked up and saw Uncle Ernie, Uncle Kep and Aunty Jeri Aluli, and Uncle Albert Kai. Uncle Albert lived on Volcano Golf Course and Uncle Ernie also had a vacation home there. When they were seated I went over to say “hi” and they tried to get me to sit with them and have dinner but I turned them down. They looked over at my table and saw the female companionship and laughed and said I don’t blame you and go back to your party. When I went back to my table, I asked the waitress if she could send a round of drinks to their table on me. She did. Ten minutes later the waitress came over with a bottle of Dom Perignon from their table for us. A $200.00 bottle. My older relatives joked with me later that they weren’t going to let “you top them.”

That was a special moment and your writings, Curt, brought back special memories I had of my grandparents who had been deceased by this time and it makes me remember the good times me and my cousins had with our kupunas.

The Ernie Kai’s, the Noah Aluli’s, the George Kai’s, the Kep Aluli’s (USF Law School grad and the first developer of condominium’s in Hawaii, with his business partner and next door neighbor Don Ho) were true descendants of Alii Hawaiian blood and contributed to the making of our history in the islands.

Curt, you should write a book.

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 8:26 pm

Oops, my japanee counting in reverse again. Lloyd R. Killam died in 1981, not 1982. Gomen nasai/excuse me for my gaffe. Love, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 8:56 pm

I gotta chuckle, Ivan, because affable/good-natured as Gerald De Mello born 1943 is, so is bladid George Ariyoshi, brah’!! And you know that Fukuoka ancestral district [every man for himself–one track mind] George Ariyoshi [please, not savior Koji Ariyoshi 1914-1976, our working stiff’s messiah from Kona, no relation to Chinatown’s George] is our greatest self-anointed narcissist [money is god], just as Harry Kim is our crazed Ginza wanna-be [loves japanee girls]. I not jealous, just the facts. Gerald De Mello is UH-Hilo’s master manipulator, who gods up to influence peddlers to make these schemers out to be altruists — yes, you got it, our Okata/Perreira/etc. Another thing about Gerald — I not jealous, just the facts — he picks faladoo/tarantaran Eddie De Mello 1922-1974 to our UH-Hilo hall of fame — the same Eddie De Mello who stonewalled progressive legislation by Stanley Hara born 1923, Stanley being our messiah who brought Micronesian students to UH-Hilo — the same Eddie De Mello who totally stonewalled progressive dock improvements that enabled productive/efficient commerce/etc. The pocho connection, baby, as in Portagee self-enamoration. Okay, so Gerald picks Hilo’s John Farias along with anti-productive De Mello. I tell Gerald, “A, brah’, if Stanley Hara neva’ give legislative monies for John Farias as UH regent to fight for UH-Hilo, John Farias wouldn’t have a leg to stand on!! Why you neva’ pick Stanley Hara?? I gotta slam it into your thick skull??” So, after much haranguing by me vs. tootsie roll Gerald, Gerald belatedly picks Stanley Hara. You know what, how come Scrub Tanaka not yet enshrined?? Gerald tells me, “A, I got Scrub da Regent Award!! You not satisfied with dat??!!” No, because it’s lying in some forgotten file cabinet, not on Tseng’s wall of fame. Gerald conveniently forgets that Scrub reserved DLNR lands for UH-Hilo expansion 1960s. Gerald only came on board in 1991. Yes, Scrub’s time on the Land Board was a blockbuster for UH-Hilo. But if it ain’t gonna embellish Gerald’s powerful mystique [da Pocho magician], it ain’t no use to Gerald. One more question. Since Gerald loves his fellow Portagees, how come Paul De Silva is not enshrined? Paul did more for UH-Hilo than Eddie De Mello farting in solons’ faces. To me, if you gonna pick Eddie De Mello, Paul De Silva should’ve been there first. No matta’ what ethnicity the nominee is, Paul De Silva deserves inclusion, just like I had to pull Gerald’s hair to get Stanley Hara enshrined. Stanley’s on his last legs, so Gerald got’em in in the nick of time. Love, –Curt

ivantatum Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 9:53 pm

Hey Curtis,

Give me a break. I’m just telling a story. I am not nominating Gerald for “humanitarian of the year” or supporting him for any elected office.

I’ve heard some of the old time portugees bash Gerald but that is something I can’t really comment on because I don’t know enough. (I’ll comment good or bad, if I know, but not if I don’t) But I will call someone tommorrow (an old portugeese contractor) who has had a relationship with Gerald for years and I’ll ask him. I do know Gerald won’t put his neck on the line and fight for what is right but just go with the flow. I do know he is a (too) diplomatic operator.

But, I can’t comment more than that.

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 10:10 pm

Oops, back to Elroy Osorio born 1924. My own opinion is that Elroy was overconfident in losing a stunner of an upset as incumbent Council member, to Aaron Chung 1996. Elroy didn’t campaign hard at all. Aaron went on to term out in 2004, never having lost a race, so to speak. Elroy’s lovely wife put on seminars on how to win a race. Maybe if she had run, she would’ve won. One thing never to say as a losing candidate/spouse, to the victor, “I’m actually relieved that you won, because running a campaign is a grind that I just can’t take anymore.” Wow, slap in the face of the winning candidate. Diminishes the winner’s efforts/results. Aloha, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 10:26 pm

Aaron Chung’s greatest accomplishments as Council member 1996-2004 were his CIP for Kona and to a lesser degree, for Puna. Yes, CIP never catches up to needs, but Aaron tried his darndest to break the lead. Aloha, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 10:44 pm

Aaron Chung born 1958 respects Jimmy Arakaki born 1940 despite Jimmy’s pro-development position, in that Jimmy is the fairest and most indulgent Council Chair that Aaron ever remembers. Aloha, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 10:48 pm

Yes, Aaron Chung voted for the 2% land fund as a Charter amendment. Still, Aaron respects Jimmy for Jimmy’s even-handed/compassionate governance as longtime Council Chair. Aloha, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 10:57 pm

Fresh Onishi? Aaron says that Fresh needs to be interviewed by Tiffany Edwards Hunt, that Fresh owes it to the public via scribe Tiffany to explain why Fresh did the re-org the way he did it. Aloha, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 11:02 pm

No, Roland Higashi has nothing to do with Fresh Onishi, neither does Steve Yamashiro [is in weak health], nor does Jimmy Arakaki or Harvey Tajiri, nor does Aaron Chung. Aloha, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 11:25 pm

R.I.P. Hamilton Manley, longtime youth sports volunteer. I just spoke w/Hamilton at Jimmy Yagi’s/Bill O’Rear’s Vulcan youth camp last week. So tragic. Hamilton like Biblical Andrew, an untold hero. Give credit to Harvey Tajiri born 1944 for having the selfless love for Dwight Sumida born 1946 to urge me to get Dwight enshrined in our Vulcan Sports Hall of Fame. Former great Ka’u multi-sport athlete Dwight was the untiring asst. coach for Jimmy Yagi thruout the 1970s. Just the same, Hamilton should be enshrined. I gotta ask rhetorically, how come Yagi himself didn’t think about getting Dwight in before?? Unquestionably, Dwight deserves enshrinement. One thing I notice is that legacy-established pillars/icons don’t leave much time to think about subordinates for enshrinement. Love, –Curt

ivantatum Says:

July 4th, 2009 at 11:46 pm


In your opinion, who was mainly responsible for persuading Fresh and Guy to make this move?

I know that Fresh would not do it on his own (and he is not competent enough to be Finance Chair, where is the educational and business experience) without encouragement and being rewarded for it if he pushed resolution? Fresh is so incompetent, him being a coucilmember is so much of a stretch that it is not even funny. Heard he just moved in a Korean hostess he met in one of those ($20.00 drinkee bars)in to her own pad and is covering the tab. Makes me sick. And we are putting this moron on the county doll. Lovely. First we are not getting our money’s work out of this block-head and than he is going to spend his county pay check on a Korean kept women. Wow.

Guy, let’s see him do something about all the graft and kickbacks in Public Works, that Colleen Schrandt is having to investigate (and almost stopped in her tracks by Ikeda and Takaba), that are being committed?

We hear from a councilmember, off the record, Roland paid for Billy’s fundraiser at Hilo Hawaiian and made a lot of donations via Creative Arts to his campaign. We also hear that Roland talked Kenoi in to keeping Takaba, Ashida, Takase, Boobi Jean, and the rest, and oh, hiring Randy Kurohara.

The only good hire in the bunch was Warren Lee, from HELCO (via private business who has retirement and could give a shit). He is not like Bruce McClure who let those guys (and you know who I am talking about)run amok. Lee is big, tough, and he is cracking the whip. He could care less about their little supposed fiefdoms. He even reprimanded Nakasone over the HMP fiasco (I hope Ted Hong just files a lawsuit over it and stop this posturing) and when did McClure ever reprimand or discipline anyone at PW.

I am just wondering who “egged” them on? I have my opinion based on the information that I have but I would like to know what you think.

ivantatum Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 12:19 am

Althogh people don’t agree, what about Mark Lovelace? He is the 1)single season assist leader, 2)single season assist average per game leader 3) assist per game career leader 4)career assist Vulcan leader.

He played on two teams where you had four other player that averaged double figures (Bartholomew, O’Rear, Hicks, and Zeimantz) in the first year and 2nd year (everyone but Hicks but than my man James “the Cheetah” Bradley instead) the true sign of a great point guard who makes others better. Both of these seasons he led the team in drawing offensive fouls and was team captain. And he also guarded the opposing teams best backcourt scorer because even though O’rear was a scoring guard, he was too short to guard a scorer and Lovelace did that. Lovelace on offense played the point guard, but guarded the other teams best scorer on defense. Plus, both of these teams won their districts and I believe both went to Kansas City. And these teams beat New Mexico with 5 time NBA champion Michael (Coop-a-Loop) Cooper with the LA Lakers and also Nebraska. Two teams, that they beat that were legitimate Divison One. And they ran with North Carolina-Charlotte who had Cedric “Cornbread” Maxwell who was the NBA champoinships MVP with the Celtics in 1981 and played with Larry Bird. And NCC was one shot away from going to a the NCAA championship if not for a last second buzzer beater shot by Marquette’s Jerome Whitehead. Who was also Lovelace’s teammate at Saddleback Jnunior College under Bill Mulligan, who became the coach at UC-Irvine. I am familiar because I was a towel and water boy for these teams and personally had a front row seat for all of their games.

Plus as a coach at Waiakea High School, he was named BIIF coach of the year by the HTH in 1980 and was one of the few coaches on this island who was a Head Coach at the girls and boys varsity high school level.

Forget all of his personal problems, he deserved to be in that Hall years ago.

damon Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 12:34 am

Mr. Narimatsu…

I really appreciate everything you are saying.

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 8:47 am

Hi Ivan: Off the subject, but I want to praise AJA Mainland/kotonk scribe Togo Tanaka 1916-2009 R.I.P., esteemed columnist for LA’s 106 yr. old Rafu Shimpo [Chinese character “ra” for LA/Japanese character “fu” for area/Japanese word “shimpo” for newspaper], greatest West Coast assimilationist a la Utah/D.C.’s Mike Masaoka 1915-1991, & the inspiration behind Manzanar Internment Camp’s [California] enlistees into the 442nd RCT WWII. Imagine, these political detainees enlist out of internment camp & become war heroes!! Incredulous!!

Now back to Ivan’s query: Do you know that Fresh Onishi was told by Fresh’s spiritual/family advisor Elroy Osorio [Elroy’s mama Eliza, 100% Hawaiian, had sister Mariah Kamakawiwo’ole 100% Hawaiian, who married Papa’ikou Onomea Sugar Co. bookkeeper Tom Tanaka, & they weren’t able to conceive/bear kids, so Tom/Mariah adopted Yasuko ________ –name kept private here–full Japanese of Papa’ikou –but right after that, boom, Tom/Mariah were able to conceive/have 2 children. Yasuko, raised in Japanese/Hawaiian household, is Fresh’s mother. Like Iz Kamakawiwo’ole, no relation to Eliza/Mariah, Fresh has Hawaiian upbringing, just as Iz has Japanese DNA –ancestor was Nippon orphan who was raised by Hawaiian family — till his dying day, Iz’ tutu kane refused to acknowledge that he was japanee, even though he looked fresh off the boat from Japan, no pun intended, Fresh]– to see Tiffany Edwards Hunt to to clear up the confusion over Fresh’s re-org of the County Council??!! So Fresh hems/haws, then asks Elroy’s nemesis [good point, Fresh, to get diversity of opinions] Aaron Chung for Aaron’s take on Tiffany’s requests to see Fresh. Aaron tells Fresh the same thing — go see Tiffany & tell her why he did the re-org the way he did it, for better or worse. Rookie mistake!! Just be upfront with her. Aaron told Fresh this a couple of days ago. I don’t know if Fresh has gotten a hold of Tiffany at this point. She has his contact info, but out of respect for his privacy, Tiffany awaits Fresh’s contacting her. Yes, I know Tiffany got called on by a commenter or two+ on this website about getting snowed under by J Yoshimoto, but what J doesn’t realize is that Tiffany is first of all a fair person who will have the speaker have his say — the initial contact, so to speak, then second of all — Tiff will probe to cull the reasons behind the initial foray/statements, then third — Tiff will cross-check other sources/communicants to get their uptakes on intentions/motivations, then fourth — Tiff will bear down on her own subsequent queries to elicit more details, then fifth — Tiff will give her own opinion on what transpired & why. J’s already been told by a former vastly more experienced colleague [name withheld] that J cannot just tag along with freshmen antics, but instead be a true leader who leads, not reacts. This being said, Fresh acted alone wet behind the ears, fully immersed in naivete. Had Elroy been able to get Fresh’s game plan ahead of time [maybe Elroy did but doesn’t know about it — know what I mean?? — Honestly, innocently doesn’t know about it] [disjointed game plan– why would Fresh piss off Kona folks by dumping our 3 pro-Kona solons?? Here Fresh wants to be mayor, & he just killed his chances by killing Kona’s support], Elroy would’ve told Fresh to stop Fresh’s suicidal re-org. As Ivan Tatum [pseudonym] says, Fresh brings P&R jockdom [former wrestler] to a shockingly unfamiliar position as Finance Chair. Like a toddler being thrown into the deep blue sea before the toddler knows how to swim. I’m not critical of government the way Ivan is. Like Tiffany and Aaron feel, humanity has a wee bit of redemption. I look for that before I blow off steam the way Ivan does [based on Ivan’s personal observations of self-dealing/self-gain rampant among bureaucrats/politicians]. Which [redemption] is why Aaron titillates/itches to be a political columnist for this website. Aaron really enjoyed my bio of Jimmy Arakaki, & Aaron even told Fresh to have me do Fresh’s bio!! But will Aaron deal with Grim Reapers who have nothing nice to say about public servants?? No!! Bottom line — Fresh botched up bigtime — rookie mistake. J/Kenny Goodenow went along w/the rookie. J should’ve stopped the re-org & elicit deliberate/measured public response, then go from there. In deference to Fresh [sorry, Ivan, I’m not vicious by nature unless attacked, & I don’t even know your real name!!], Dominic Yagong, for all of Dominic’s obsessive narcissism/egomania [like Harry Kim], had to learn on the job too. The problem is that Fresh is acting too quickly/impulsively, being a bladid greenhorn rookie. “Shut up & pay attention.” Aloha, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 9:17 am

Hi Damon: Thank you for your kindness of heart. I enjoy your commentaries, which redux the irreverent halcyon satire of vaudeville’s greatest artists [Marx Brothers/etc.]. Mahalo, Damon!! To Ivan on Mark Lovelace, Mark Lovelace is second to Jim DeGroot as our greatest Vulcan point guard. Lovelace should’ve been enshrined in our Vulcan Sports Hall of Fame eons ago!! Again, Ivan, you see why it’s disappointing that jockdoms like the Vulcan gang don’t take care of each other?? Why did it take a former booster icon Harvey Tajiri born 1944, instead of a Yagi born 1935, to acknowledge/recognize long-suffering unpaid asst. coach Dwight Sumida for enshrinement into the Vulcan Sports Hall of Fame, something/a venue which I have no involvement in or even care about??!! Answer: Everyone sickeningly is too self-attentive to his own legacy buildup!! I bump into Clyde Nekoba the other day, so-called Winter League Baseball go-to guy for Hakalau’s Duane Kurisu. Clyde says that no way should Pete Rose be a Cooperstown Hall of Famer [moral turpitude]. Mark Lovelace never gambled on Vulcan games. Mark Lovelace has never been guilty of moral turpitude. Never!! But, as is so prevalent among us bladid Japs, we’re a race of stinkin’ social climbers/status trippers [Hiroshima/Yamaguchi–Honshu mentality — money is god]. So that down & out Lovelace, for all of his basketball greatness, is personal non grata among us bladid Japs. Ivan, you know jockdom, from what I read above [your pseudonym escapes me still] — do you know that our Vulcan Fab 5 actually were misfits among each other?? Meaning in a beautifully weird way — Jay the Bird was a proud prima donna, the squad was not close-knit at all — but each had the unifying desire to win, & win they did!! Amazing symbiosis of objectives among disparate personalities. BTW, Clyde Nekoba epitomizes the materialism of our Age/Culture. So sad. Much aloha, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 9:34 am

oops, typo, I meant that Lovelace is persona non grata [off limits — bad guy] among us social climber Japs. We Japs are the bad guys, not Lovelace. We have our so-called Betsuin-Hongwanji Dharma to humble us [ego is kill-happy — egoless encourages/uplifts others — be egoless!], just as Christians have their Social Gospel [esp. Matthew 5/Isaiah 58 — blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth]. Yes, our sports icons/so-called character builders conveniently discard humility in favor of self-glorification. Pono, –Curt

ivantatum Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 10:06 am


If you talk to Lace, Bradley, and Zeimantz, and they were all in town and we hung out together during the weekend of Frank Gipson’s funeral. They all say the same thing and that is their teams had such high basketball IQ’s that Yagi did not have to coach them. They just ran their motion offense and Yagi got to take credit for it all. There was no coaching needed, according to three of the starters in the 2nd team run. Thiry years after playing and with the insight of mature adult men to look back with perspective.

Yagi had his favorites and they were Jay and Bill. They put up with Lace because he was the offensive quaterback and defensive free safety but James Bradley should have played more and got more shots over Bill Walling and Zeimantz should have started, too.

You are absolutely right, Sumida should have been inducted a while back. The three said he was a disciplinarian and Mr. Intensity. He does not get the credit to the success of those teams that he deserves.

As far as DeGroot being the number one point guard in UHH history, I could hear your argument if DeGroot played 2 years instead of one.

That would be like saying Carmelo Anthony, who played as a freshmen and won a national championship at Syracuse University, is the best small forward in NCAA basketball history but only played one year. The best, at any position, has to be judged over a consistent period of time. Not one season. Maybe two.

I like your argument though, Curtis.

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 10:29 am

Thank you, Ivan, for your immense basketball acumen. You are a wunderkind, truly!! I agree with you on your correct truncation of Jim DeGroot. I summed up DeGroot from his earlier career track Stateside. BTW, Elroy Osorio played w/our best-ever running back from the Hawaiian Islands, Herm the Flyin’ Haw’n Wedemeyer, of Keaukaha [Herm’s dad was an oldtime baseballer at Mo’oheau Park], & Elroy says that Herm’s anticipation/6th sense made Herm such a remarkable package of athleticism/smarts. In Elroy’s own universe of local sportsdom, Elroy is king as our premier softball pitcher [after Tom Hugo Sr./Gus Supe Jr./Bunny Brown], & before windmiller Satch Pakele. Elroy also was a natural athlete/hoopster a la VB son Ecko. Thanks again, Ivan, for our departure into irrelevant sportsdom [for political purposes, talking about jockdomania is silly-waste of time — I agree]. Aloha, –Curt

ivantatum Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 10:31 am


I honestly don’t think that Fresh or even Emily for that matter will ever have the capacity to serve as Mayor. Desire is one thing, capacity is another. J is untrustworthy based on what I saw at the last hearing and any one that just goes with the flow and lies about their reasoning does not belong in that position. How could you obviously back Emily as Vice Chair and cut off Brenda mid sentence and not stop Goodenow. I am sorry, no way, do I trust Yoshimoto.

The only strong mayoral candidate I see is Dominic. And it’s not that he has to learn the position but he has the intellect and capacity to be a good mayor unlike Emily, J, or Fresh. And even Billy for that matter, in not putting an end to this nonsense, like J, and shows he has no strong leadership qualities.

I would have voted for Elroy and Aaron as mayor, both are qualified, and in Aaron’s case in county operations and educational background, but Elroy is 84 and Aaron is not interested.

Dominic is by far the strongest candidate, at this point to run for mayor in 2012.

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 10:45 am

Hi Ivan: You are correct, Dominic Yagong is supremely qualified to be mayor. However, I am not a cynic who bashes every public servant because of seeming equivocation. Diversity of opinions, though labored in retrieval, makes for more balanced governance. Is Yagong our mega-borot [conceited slimeball]? Of course!! Look at Yagong vs. Kim for mayor 2004. Nothing on this planet justified Yagong’s tiff vs. Harry Kim. Nothing, except to see Yagong’s name on the ballot — in losing a landslide, mind you!! Borot. But our most qualified mayoral candidate on the County Council. Aloha, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 11:32 am

In deference to alltime altruist KingLit “KL” Ching’s impact on us as a people [KL for Hawaiians-only Kamehameha Schools/KL advocates justice for Hawaiians, who lost their civilization to White imperialists-militarists], KingLit born 1936, son of our greatest modern destiny-maker Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 [Kamehameha the Great our greatest ancient historymaker], KL w/famous schooling [Harvard M.Business/Penn/Punahou], retired A&B Exec living in Santa Monica CA since 1977 or so, please go to my May 1, 2009 “Dispatch” comments section which has Hawaiian sovereignty proponent Hiwahiwa Young blast me for my so-called retrograde ways. Ahhh… democracy — free country — freedom to think!! Love everlasting, –Curt

ivantatum Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 11:42 am


I am not a cynic trying to bash all of them but only the ones that don’t understand that they are here to serve the people and not themselves, not their campaign finance supporters, not the unions and special interests. I am writing because I want to see change but anonymously because I do not want to be the victum of retaliation like I have been in the past and others who continue to be today.

But I get really upset when laws are being broken by those entrusted with our votes and appointments and they forget where they are coming from.

I get upset when business people like John Carlson, Mike Allen, Dave Owens, Rhonda Nichols, Buddy Azevedo, Vernon Lindsey and others get hurt financially (for millions of dollars) by these selfish, racist greedy dogs which hurts their employees and families.

I get upset when I hear about selective hiring practices at the county, selective promotional practices at the county, vindictive county appointees and employees attacking their fellow employees or the general public by using their authority and paper power, appointees steering bided and non-bided contracts to their friends, the selective enforcement of building codes and the “giving a chance” to those who are part of their little circle of friends.

I think it is heartless when our elected officials and appointees do not do anything to step in and protect the business owners, which cost them and their families thousands, from being at the mercy of these white collar criminals and public corruption practiioners.

I get upset because these people are committing federal crimes by obstructing businesses and investment in our community and it cost’s our community in a lot of different ways, thru taxes geneated, quality of life, and not allowing an entreprenuerial spirit to foster.

When I go to the polls, does it say only “Japanese can vote”. I pay taxes. My business has contributed to our community.

But, why when I go to the County Departments, the workers are of the majority 2nd or 3rd generation japanese workers and the majority of supervisors are all Japanese. Are the Hawaiians, Portugeese, Filipinos and Haole’s not smart enough or educated enough to be hired or placed in supervisory positions?

I want people that read my blogs to see that this is not coming from a malahini to the islands, but someone who is very aware and has inside knowledge of the practices that are taking place.

Instead of interviewing the recycled politicians and appointees, interview off the record those employees in the county that are putting up with this shit, the business people who are having to suffer, like Tiffany mentioned Rhonda Nichols who lost her business and marriage over these issues, the councilmembers who when speaking off the record tell you the allegations that are being made internally.

Why don’t you meet with Colleen Schrandt, the independent legistlative auditor, there is someone Curtis I have the highest respect for. A women that is considered the black sheep at the county. A licensed CPA who is having to fight this corruption and twice after getting the funding has gotten her car vandalized in the county parking lot. I have respect for her and admire what she is doing. She is a hero to me. A haole wahine from the mainland. Too bad there aren’t enough heros amoung the locals and the AJA’s here.

No, Curtis, I don’t bash everyone but those that continue to allow and look the other way as this waste, fraud, and corruption continue to fester in our County Government. That’s who I will bash.

Martin Luther King said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

I believe the people reading this blog need to know the inside truth of what is taking place in our county government.

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 11:55 am

Hi Ivan: You are correct, & I thank you [& the world thanks you] for enlightening us all with your correct observations & analyses, though I wonder if you’re going too far on Vernon Lindsey & Buddy Azevedo. Vernon a super-terrific guy, Buddy his usual cantankerous “my only doctor is my Vick’s cough drops” self. Love everlasting, –Curt

ivantatum Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 12:08 pm


I don’t agree Dominic running for Mayor was in any way him trying to cause a tiff with Harry Kim. Sounds like Inuoye, Abercrombie and the bunch criticizing Case for running against Akaka.

Like Inuoye is supposed to annoit who he wants and when he wants to do it, the next US House Rep. I’m sorry but I don’t buy that. It’s too bad Case didn’t just stay a US rep. because at this point he would have a lot of power on the hill.

Like Inouye tried to nominate who was going to be the Democratic parties nominee for president. That didn’t quite turn out the way he expected. He even bashed Punahou.

As far as losing in landslide to Kim, thats part of politics and it dosen’t make him any less affective as legistlator. He ran, with no support from the democratic party even though he had been a democrat his entire term, but the Dems supported Kim because they knew he was going to win. Kim wasn’t even a democrat in the first election of 2000. He became one to get the Japaneese vote and got the haoloe vote in 2000 by not being a democrat.

The story I heard was Steve Yamashiro called Dominic and wanted his vote on higher density zoning on the Komohana project that was before the council. Yamashiro was representing the developer. Yamashiro told Dominic if Dominic would vote for high density, he would give Dominic his endorsement for Mayor. Dominic said he would go along with the UHH dorm development but not a 7 story building in that area.

Steve went to Harry with the same proposal and Harry agreed. That is why Chris Yuen, who has had a reputation for anti-development, lobbied to approve.

ivantatum Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 12:13 pm


Vernon and Buddy are in the game and have lost thousands if not millions by the counties practices. If there is any questioning of their motives, people should put themselves in their shoes.

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 6:09 pm

Hi Ivan: Dominic Yagong can run for office as he pleases, but you miss the point of what is the practical result of running to lose?! Be a political realist, not a philosophical idealist, about the 2004 mayor’s race. Any sane realist studiously avoids identification with a loser. Just a fact of life. On grooming a successor, aren’t you forgetting that your/our jesus Ernie Kai was groomed early on by Democrat chieftans Kanaka Billy Jarrett, great civil libertarian Joe Poindexter, Hilo messiah Del Metzger, & intrepid organizer Kanaka Johnny Wilson — to lead Hawai’i deep into the 20th century, to better Hawai’i & its teeming masses amid world industrialization/global economy, not to promote selfish personal agendas of individual Democrats, but to make Hawai’i a safe/sound/secure/robust domicile for us all? Please, be philosophical about this vision, don’t be cynical. So when Inouye failed to groom a successor, don’t fret & say, “Oh boy, the Star Chamber again??!!” No, say, “In memory of Uncle Ernest Kai, Dan Inouye should’ve known better & do what’s best for Hawai’i, not for himself — groom a successor, be it Case or Mufi or anyone with our population’s best interest at heart!!” Bluntly, your twist to Case’s run vs. Akaka 2006, is Inouye’s fault. Had Inouye groomed a successor, Case wouldn’t be in a pickle to be too old for climbing up the long seniority ladder in the U.S. Senate. Yes, to me Case should’ve waited out Akaka/Inouye going to Providence/Sky Chambers, but Akaka/Inouye both said they gonna die in office, later than sooner. So what, Case gonna have to wait at least 4, or even 6 yrs. more from 2006?? That would make Case at least 58 yrs. old as a freshman U.S. Senator — long haul, baby, for an old fart nearing 60 yrs. old at youngest. So Ivan, visualize Uncle Ernie Kai, okay?? Ernie was groomed, no Star Chamber there — leaders did what was best for all of Hawai’i — continuity/prosperity — upend the Status Quo?? When injustice lords over us all, as you say with all levels of government. But don’t extrapolate continued avarice/greed from positive vision [grooming for survival/security of our population], lest you miss the whole point about grooming Uncle Ernie Kai. Were Ernie’s alter egos/gurus corrupt? No. Was Ernie corrupt? No. So why be so cynical, Ivan?? Do you concede that Dan Inouye is our “Bagman” of the Pacific? Why not groom Ed Case or Mufi [both fellas intimately part of D.C.’s political fabric — I lived in D.C. for 3 yrs. — I should know] to continue where Inouye leaves off?? What’s so wrong about this? Your broad strokes across vision vs. venality leave me to wonder about the nature of cynicism, Ivan. Aloha, –Curt

Curtis Narimatsu Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 6:20 pm

Vernon Lindsey got entangled in our bureaucratic morass called the permit process. Buddy Azevedo gets hairs up government’s “arses” with Buddy’s heavy-handed fists. Bottom line is that government needs to be business-friendly, & not “Go Green, be Mean.” No one questions motives, Ivan. Contrary to your point, no one intentionally is out to ruin Vernon/Buddy. Government itself needs to be even-handed/user-friendly to entrepreneurs/business folks. These individuals/outfits are the backbone of our economy/society. I don’t inject venality into the equation. Government obsolesence, yes, not venality. –Curt

Tiffany Edwards Hunt Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 8:22 pm

Not trying to lessen the magnitude of Buddy’s trouble with the county, but Buddy needs to tone it down to save himself a heart attack.

ivantatum Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 9:04 pm


The “bureaucractic morass” is bad enough but the preferential treatment those like the Takase’s Family development’s, Howard and James Ishii construction, Kaimana Pumping Service, the Hilo Hongpa Church Project, get over other non-Japaneese or non- consultant non-county affiliated projects who don’t get preferential treatment is wrong. No one can sit here and tell me that the preferential treatment is not racial discrimnatory. No one. It insults my intelligence to even try to suggest it.

As far as the county not trying to intentionally ruin their business is like the 4-time convicted drunk driver trying to say he didn’t mean to kill the little old lady he ran over in the cross walk. They have and did. And they have hurt many honest business people and families in the process.

As far as lack of venality, well, the Honolulu Airport bid rigging proved there were pay-offs and bribes and these criminals are now going to federal prison where they belong. The AJA’s involved didn’t think they were going to face Assistant US Attorney Larry Tong or Magistrate David Ezra and now will serve 4 to 10 years a piece in federal prison. With age of defendants, they will probably die in prison, which is fiiting.

Was there lack of venality in Kaimana Pumping Services bid rigging, let’s ask Tiffany who saw the letter the competeting bidder, Eckard Brandeis, sent to County.

What do you think Tiffany, venality? I think it was an intentional bribe that was paid to rig bids. That is venal.

And if the reason why Buddy was given grief over his permitting process was because he wasn’t talking “nicey, nicey” to the Public Works or county, that just shows how unprofessional, immature, retaliatory and vindictive the county was in treating Buddy and it is wrong and also criminal. You don’t hold him up on permits because you just don’t like the guys attitude. Is Buddy supposed to walk in timid, meek and beg for the permit just to appease those AJA “power trippers”? It is unethical and criminal especially if the neighbors, are now telling Buddy, Warren Lee, and Army Corp of Engineers that they were encouraged by Jiro Sumada, asst. director of PW, to sue him. That’s right, the neighbors including Jay Enoria, retired police officer has told everyone mentioned that Sumada encouraged them to sue Buddy and put blame on him for 2000 flood that ruined their homes. That is a violation of his civil rights Is that not venal.

I don’t but this “don’t take it personal, they meant no harm” after causing us thousands of dollars in losses. It’s easy to say that when you haven’t taken the losses we have.

With all due respect, don’t tell me how to feel if you haven’t walked in our shoes.

I’ll let my attorney’s figure it out in court in our civil lawsuit.

“Vernon Lindsey got entangled in the bureaucratic morass called the permit process” but why is it the horror stories all coming from non-Japaneese.

We have already filed a complaint with the FBI and the Department of Justice, based on our documents and corroborated evidence,and DOJ have considered this an open investigation case. The feds will have a field day with our County government when the rubber hits the road and the investigation picks up.

damon Says:

July 5th, 2009 at 11:26 pm

As a total outside observer of what is being said here on this blog… I’m going to preserve this on my own site… to make sure nothing accidentally get’s wiped out.

I appreciate everything that is being said.

If anyone would care to enlighten me where the animosity between many Japanese families and many of the Hawaiian families began… I sure would be interested on behalf of my very mixed blood child.

Thanks to all participating in this thread.

(Quick save to my hard drive and then sending it off to a mainland server to be preserved just in case a tsunami wipes us all out!)

  • Hi Ivan: Strange that Buddy Azevedo, whom I know like the back of my hand, does not postulate your theory of his case. Strange that Vernon Lindsey, who has all the power connections you can imagine [go to Ala Moana Ward Farmers Market deli & see for yourself], does not postulate your theory of Vernon’s case. These are the nonpareil real deals, not your pseudonym. You go ballistic on generalizing from Azevedo/Lindsey to all applicants for benefits tendered. Maybe if you gave the world your real name, you’d think twice about shooting off at your mouth. As Jack Burns said, any fool can take a stand. Did you see me deny racism by Japs vs. non-Japs? No. Did you see me deny your own observations of Jap racism vs. non-Japs? No, you only saw me comment on Azevedo/Lindsey as carrying the racism argument into specious space. I love Buddy Azevedo. He’s my Grizzly Adams. I even did Buddy’s biography for West Hi Today’s former columnist Bobby Command. Hey, Ivan, if your guy [so to speak] Buddy wants to knock me over, welcome, I’m here for the taking. Vernon Lindsey is the kindest most gracious gentleman in the world. But even Buddy’s fellow Pocho Wayne Subica denies that the County singled out lovely Vernon for recrimination. Ivan, is there a single thing you can cite where I’ve denied that racism exists when it actually does?? You ever saw me back up Jiro Sumada? Jiro is an ignorant panty-ass, but does that make him racist vs. dearest Buddy Azevedo? If that’s the case, then you should as well call me racist too. Good luck, brah!! Rather than making allies, you’ll be germinating foes to your cause. Is this good strategy? No. Think about your attitude, Ivan. It needs lubing. Aloha, –Curt

  • Curtis Narimatsu Says:
    July 6th, 2009 at 7:27 am

    Hi Damon: As happens often, Hiroshima ken/district progeny never wanted their daughters to marry Hawaiians from the forest, so to speak. Social climbers/status trippers emblazon Hiroshima [money is god] progeny. You wanna elucidate your personal nexus? I’ll be away from a computer for a while, so type/click away, Brah’. Love always, your fan Curt

  • ivantatum Says:
    July 6th, 2009 at 8:27 am

    You just made my point on the racism issues. Thank you.
    But in talking to Buddy he agrees wholeheartedly in what has been written on this blog and even wanted stronger comments written. I have actually toned down his comments.
    The comment of “Jiro is an ignorant panty-ass, but does that make him racist vs. dearest Buddy Azevedo? If that’s the case, than you should call me a racist too”. For one, I wrote exactly what Buddy told me occurred between he and Jiro. Two, where in any of my posts do I call you a racist. Where? You are going off in another direction and tangent. Don’t put words in my mouth. Analyze my comments and disagree with my views but don’t put words in my mouth.
    As far as quoting Burns, you are running him down like Inuoye, Kim and Sumada. Now you are quoting him. Quote who ever you want but I wouldn’t quote someone actions and views I disagree with.
    As far as posting my name, it’s easy for you when you are writing a soft-ball story and don’t take a hard stance. Just trying to be friends with everyone. Lily white. No controversy. Than you can post your name.
    Do I want to end up like Buddy who has been retaliated against, he claims it? Or Mike Allen who sued the county for these type of issues? Who Buddy is meeting with now as I write. Or Cappy Capellas who was shelved for whistle blowing? Or the independent legislative auditor who is treated like the “step child” by the county officials and had her car “keyed” twice in the county parking lot after she got the funding and started looking at RFP’s? Or Reed who has been accussed of supporting slanderous stories about the county and getting heat for it? No I don’t.
    I am not going to put my physical safety in danger along with my family by posting. Curt, you can post because you haven’t made any strong agressive statements yet and your livelihood would not be impacted from retaliation like ours has been.
    But, a real writer, or attorney, takes strong stances about issues which I am neither of. But, frankly Curtis I am not trying to win your approval or anyone else’s is approval. I am not running for elected office nor am i trying to make like I know everybody in Hilo so I can get an interview, like you do but I know my share.
    It’s alright to for you to admit the racism but as soon as there is a mention of FBI open investigation, or prosecution, its something you can’t seem to stomach.
    Well, if this was looked at years ago like it should have been, Rhonda, Buddy, and myself would not have been put thru what we have.
    I don’t need your approval, Curt, or anyone one else’s. The only approval I want is the 12 members on my jury.

  • ivantatum Says:
    July 6th, 2009 at 9:06 am

    My observation is that the animosity does not surface locally until the non-AJA gets older because, and Curtis has already admitted to it by not denying it, the discrimnation is subtle.
    It’s not like the South and other parts of the mainland, where whites are very open about their ethnic views. They will say the “n” word. They will talk openly deragatorily about blacks, mexicans, and southeast asians. They wear their views on their sleeves.
    As a college student in Northern California in the early 80’s, growing up in Hilo, I never realized the “n” word was a racial slur. I found out it was when I attended college on the mainland as a teenager.
    The local japaneese are low key and more subtle about it. And as I have stated in my posts, it is prevalent in our county and state government.

  • ivantatum Says:
    July 6th, 2009 at 9:29 am

    Maybe if you called Buddy yourself instead of speaking for him like you CLAIM too, “strange.. but I know Buddy like the back of my hand and he does not postulate your theories of his case.” He said for you to be man and call him before you speak for him and put words in his mouth and he’ll show you all documentation.
    As far as Vernon, who I will at least admit I don’t know and have never talked to, he was the very one claiming the “appalling” treatment he received from the county. HTH newspaper article. And if poor Vernon had all the connections that you claim, he would not have been held up like he has on the Western Auto Building, the blue Haili Street building, etc. You claiming you are best friends with him too.

  • Doc Says:
    July 6th, 2009 at 11:18 am

    All of this is very intriguing and enlightening for this long time malahini; I thank you both very much.

    I always felt I was being subtly being discriminated against – but then thought that it could be my imagination.
    Who would have guessed – in this day and age, when we should all be working together. (as a real democracy, not as a “team”)

    I hope both of you keep up this conversation, its very refreshing to hear insiders speaking frankly; I can’t recall this ever happening before. God bless the inter tubes.

  • Doc Says:
    July 6th, 2009 at 11:18 am

    …And Tiffany!

  • ivantatum Says:
    July 6th, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    The AJA’s in Hawaii, unlike the Hawaiians, (view the OHA boards, Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate past conflicts,) stick together and are very clannish. My mother who grew up in the 60’s and did not come from a well-known kamaina family, said in her day she never could date a “japaneese boy” because the parents of those day would not accept it. The japanese of the older generation were very inclusive, married within each other and race, did business with only each other if possible and were subtley racist in their habits, socially and otherwise. It was rare for them, at the time to marry outside their race. Why are so many of that generation of full Japanese blood. And the younger you go in age the more mixed raced kids you see.
    I have a friend who’s wife is a PHd at UHH and their son is hapa but looks pure Japanese. One day he is doing yard work at my house and he tells me a story about his high school. With no encouragement in front of his dad. He says one of the other pure Japanese kids comes up to him and says, “how if you got a last name like _ are you japanese.” He tells the other kid his dad is haole. He said the kid gave him a diapproving look and walked away and he only hangs around with the hapa kids. And there is a divide among kids in his group: pure Japanese and hapa. I saw a lot growing up here but it floored me that he told me it was still happening today
    I live in a Japaneese neighborhood, for almost 50 years, but do not know our neighbors and we have never joined the neighborhood kumiai because whenever someone in my family died, I had so many relatives that we did not need them manning the front desk at the church. Plus, they never welcomed us. My next door neighbor, a Portugeese man in his 60’s, had the home he lives in knocked of its foundation at Banyan Drive by the 1960 tidal wave and was carried to its present location after being salvaged. His views about the local AJA’s is strong because of what he experienced growing up here. It is not South Africa, but it is racial discrimnation and it has it’s presence.
    It is changing with so many of the younger ones intermarrying but it is still there among the older generation. And that is what you are dealing with at the county and state departments when you deal with supervisors who are all post 50 years of age of AJA ancenstry.
    Why do you think the County Civil Service hiring practices are so screwed up. The FBI, according to Reed Flecklinger (editor of WHT) says there was an investigation in the nineties that conclulded that there needed to be some form of reverse affirmative action because of the racial profile of the employees in our county government.
    Reed told me that. I am not putting words in his mouth the way Curtis seems to put words in the mouths of people like, Buddy, who he should have talked to before speaking for him in this thread. I do not know anything about that particular issue that Reed talked to me about but I do know about the present FBI investigation concerining these county officials and practices I mentioned earlier.
    I am not prejudice. I have never made deragatory and prejdicail remarks about AJA’s besides honestly writng my feelings about the whole county and state government process and discrimnation those long-term kamaaina non AJA’s have had to endure.
    That’s why I and others have taken our complaint to the Feds and if the Feds believed our experiences did not warrant an investiation, it would have been dropped. But the investigation has been opened with over 15 witnesses interviewed. My particular case is not racially based but the other corraborating witnesses, or the DOJ calls us “possible victums”, have claimed racial discrmnation. My complaints are based on, what I beleve to be, flat out crimes.

  • damon Says:
    July 6th, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    Very interesting comments being made.

    I can vouch for some of the AJA prejudice and racism as my wife is Half Japanese and was not allowed to EVEN VISIT her Japanese Grandparents because she was mixed raced.

    I know a certain guy who would be flipping in his grave right now knowing that his wife entrusted their Japanese Estate to a Hawaiian Family.

  • ivantatum Says:
    July 6th, 2009 at 1:22 pm

    One of my friends, who is pure Hawaiian, got a Japanese girl pregnant in the 70’s. The girl’s parents (the father was a big-wig Union official) never accepted my friend and tried to get their daughter to break up with him and to put the baby up for adoption. Even after she had the baby, they tried to get her to put the baby up for adoption. And were embarassed for years that there daughter had a baby of Hawaiian ancestry. It was the reason my friend and this girl ended up breaking up was over her parents.
    This is what many experienced in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s here on the Big Island, especially in Hilo. It is getting better because the younger generation does not have quite the same views as their parents/grandparents and because of the racial intermarrying. But, let me tell you, it’s still there and these views are held by the AJA elders.

  • ivantatum Says:
    July 6th, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    Since it’s been quite some, for you, since you last posted I would like to follow up and ask you to respond. You made it out that I wasn’t being truthful in my claims about Buddy and Vernon and I responded with my position on both men and would like to know if you called and checked with Buddy to back your statement on the views he is alleged to have, according to you.
    You made some comments I don’t appreciate like, “if you (me) had to sign your name to this post”, “you’d think twice about shooting off your mouth” “any fool can take a stand” and “you go ballistic on generalization about Azevedo/Lindsey to benefits rendered” “it’s your attitude that needs….lubing” and that “instead of making allies you will be germinating foes to your cause.” I will not sign my name to this post, but I will give dear Tiffany, my identity soon.
    But, I don’t lie and I will not embellish. It’s like if you lie to the FBI on any issue of cooperation, you can be indicted for perjury and lying to federal law enforcement officer. I have not posted any untrue statements on this blog.
    Well, with that said, did you not lie to people on this thead by stating that Buddy had no problem with Jiro Sumada when in fact he has been saying for years what Jiro did to him. And he has stated to many people he thinks it was a racial discrimnatory issue with him. A contractor, of Portugeese descent, for over 50 years in this town and who has lots of friends, connections and inside access in the industry and politically and he is saying he got screwed. And he has been saying this for years. And your claiming he told you otherwise.
    Curtis, Buddy is still waiting for your phone call (all day) because what you stated is not only untrue but he wants to tell you how he feels and show you documentation to substantiate his claims. Even about your friend Jimmy Aarakaki who he criticized in his opposition at the Council reorganization hearing.
    Curtis, I have two questions: 1) are you going to call him, he probably would give you a great interview but I know you want a soft interview and it might be too much for you or 2) should we just drop the subject completely and move on.

Surveilance Cameras in Pahoa… Craigslist Rant

No Loitering sign outside of Cash and Carry

No Loitering sign outside of Cash and Carry

Pahoa has had some Weed and Seed surveilance cameras for quite some time.

Nancy Cook Lauer was incorrect today when she mentioned the following in today’s West Hawaii Today.

…The grant from the Hawaii Tourism Authority will place cameras along Alii Drive in Kailua-Kona, as well as at Akaka Falls and in undisclosed locations in Hilo and Pahoa….

…Other than traffic surveillance cameras at some intersections, these are the first known government-sponsored public surveillance cameras on the island, although similar programs have been in effect in Waikiki and Chinatown on Oahu for about 10 years…

There was an interesting Rant on Craigslist that was brought to my attention by a store front owner the other day.

Parking lot referred to in craigslist rant

Parking lot referred to in craigslist rant

I see the trash is still in front of Cash & Carry and over by the Book Buying Store, You store owners in Pahoa Town just don`t care, you need to clean up the trash in front of your stores, it hangs out in front of Pahoa Cash & Carry, First Hawaiian Bank, Puna Style and the new Book Store accross the street from the bank, Older people feel intimidated walking around or through this trash you can`t even get up the stairs to the bank or get into Cash and Carry without being hit up for money, or drugs or to buy drugs or there selling there ASS yes those girls are HOOKERS/Whores, Hey mom your daughter is a Drug Whore and they are also holding the Dope for there PIMP BOYFRIENDS, Our Local Police in Pahoa can`t be that Dumb they just drive by and look straight ahead, Store Owners Call the COPS and have the trash removed and if they won`t do it call the Chief of Police Do what China Town Did take back you town business is bad enough without the trash hanging out Cash & Carry has let this go on for years between there and the bank, shame on you !!!

Of course there is a Security guard that typically sits right there on the other side of the Bank after banking hours. I’m not sure what the shift is, or who is paying for the security… but with rants like the ones above… maybe it’s not enough?

Security Guard Next to First Hawaiian Bank

Security Guard Next to First Hawaiian Bank

“HMSA Now” on Youtube

The Hawaii Medical Services Association (HMSA) is now using youtube to get their message out to island residents.

You can view their youtube page here.

This is their introductory video:


Hawaii County Board of Ethics Agenda for Next Week Wednesday

Here is the .pdf file to the Board of Ethics meeting that will be held next Wednesday, July 8th at 10:00 am.


a. Communication No. 2009-33: The High Road publication of the Hawai‘i State Ethics Commission, June 2009 issue.

b. Communication No. 2009-34:  Letter of complaint dated 6/18/09 regarding a County officer or employee’s actions at the 6/16/09 Council meeting; and Communication No. 2009-37: response letter to the complaining party from the Board’s secretary dated 6/30/09.

c. Draft Informal Advisory Opinion regarding Petition No. 2009-2 (petition was heard at the Board’s 6/10/09 meeting and was regarding the allegation that a County officer or employee violated Section 2-83 of the Ethics Code (fair treatment) by stating to a newspaper reporter that the petitioner was “whacky.”)

d. Draft Informal Advisory Opinion regarding Petition No. 2009-3 (petition was heard at the Board’s 6/10/09 meeting and was regarding the allegation that a County officer or employee violated Section 2-84 of the Ethics Code (conflicts of interest) by rendering a legal opinion to the Police Department to take no action on a criminal complaint filed against him.)

e. Draft Informal Advisory Opinion regarding Petition No. 2009-4 (petition was heard at the Board’s 6/10/09 meeting and was regarding the allegation that a County officer or employee violated Section 2-84 of the Ethics Code (conflicts of interest) by rendering legal opinions to the Board of Ethics on April 8, 2009.)

f. Communication No. 2009-36: Letter to the Board and the Office of Information Practices dated 6/24/09 from Dan A. Cole, requesting various government records related to the Board’s June 10, 2009, meeting.

g. Communication No. 2009-38: Letter from Sabriena M. Gibbs requesting records regarding a 2003 Board of Ethics petition involving Kama‘aina Pumping.

h. Communication No. 2009-39: Memo to the Board from the County Clerk dated 6/30/09, requesting clarification of the County’s lobbyist registration requirements.

a. Review of Gift Disclosure Statements received from Councilmembers Brenda Ford, Peter Hoffmann, Donald Ikeda, Emily Naeole, and Dennis Onishi.

a. Ongoing discussion on the Sunshine Law.

Full Document here

Neil Abercrombie Honors Students Heading to U.S. Military Academies

Honoring Hawaii students. Congressman Neil Abercrombie hosts a “Congressional Salute” to honor his military academy appointees– as well as the President’s selections– from the First Congressional District.


Lincoln Ashida: Hawaii County Sues UniDev

Lincoln Ashida
From the desk of Hawaii County Corporate Council Lincoln Ashida:

In September of 2004, the County issued a request for proposal for the Waikoloa Employee Housing Project, seeking an experienced developer to plan, design and construct 1,000 affordable homes for people employed in businesses in our South Kohala district (primarily hotel and other visitor industry employees).  The homes were to be built on County-owned land in Waikoloa Village.  The successful bidder UniDev responded to the County’s request stating “UniDev brings complete financing capabilities to each of its projects through its financing relationships with Citigroup and Fannie Mae.  This allows the company to provide pre-development, construction and operating funds secured by the land and the future development.  The project sponsor (County) is required only to commit the land and the approvals and entitlements necessary to permit construction of the project to proceed.”

In 2005, UniDev made this further representation:  “This entire transaction can be structured such that the County, in its sole discretion, will have no continuing obligations or liabilities;…UniDev will provide, through our financing partners, 100% of the financing for this project; UniDev’s financing arrangements for this project will be non-recourse to the County…”

Based on the above and other similar representations made by UniDev, the County awarded UniDev the project.  Despite their promises and legal commitment to obtain financing, UniDev failed to do so, requiring the County to allocate approximately $40 million in taxpayer money to pay for the infrastructure in order to further this much needed project for our island residents.

This past Monday the County on behalf of our taxpayers sued UniDev in Third Circuit Court.  One of the charges is for “false claims” under Hawai‘i State law.  UniDev submitted claims for payment to the County, knowing they were false or fraudulent.  The County also sued UniDev alleging intentional misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentations and fraudulent inducement based on their claim they could obtain the necessary financing.  The County alleges UniDev knew it could not obtain this financing yet made these representations to the County in order to induce the County to award this project to them.

In our lawsuit, the County seeks an order from the Court directing UniDev to pay civil penalties three times the amount of damages, special and general damages, punitive damages, and the County’s attorney fees and costs.

Although the County is very disturbed our residents who need affordable housing on the West side of our island will not be able to enjoy home ownership as promised by UniDev, the County looks forward to having all of the facts and evidence that substantiate the County’s claims in its lawsuit brought into the public domain.  As the County’s Office of Housing and Community Development moves forward to build these homes, the Corporation Counsel anxiously awaits the opportunity to have UniDev held legally accountable for its actions and to reimburse our taxpayers accordingly.

As ever, if you have any comments or questions on the above or any matter, please feel free to email our office at, or call me at (808) 961-8304, extension 118.  This message was posted on July 1, 2009, at 1:00 p.m.

Just a Funky Root



I have no clue what this root is… I was gonna dig it up to see if there was a potato or something rooted underneath the ground, but I’ll wait a while to see what this root does in the next few weeks.

Senator Inouye’s Office and Central Pacific Financial?


…Now, the case of Sen. Daniel Inouye and his office’s inquiry to a federal regulator regarding a Hawaii bank is drawing new attention to the role lawmakers are playing in the government’s decisions on how to divvy up the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Constituent service or undue influence?

In Inouye’s case, the Hawaii Democrat was also one of the founders of the bank, Central Pacific Financial. And while he holds no official position with it, he is a shareholder who has watched the value of his stock in the bank drop precipitously.

According to Inouye’s office, a legislative assistant placed a call last fall to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., the bank’s regulator, to ask whether the agency had received the bank’s application for TARP money.

The inquiry by Inouye’s office was first reported Tuesday by The Washington Post.

In a statement, Inouye said his aide simply left a voicemail message with the FDIC and did not speak to anyone at the agency.

“This single phone call was the entire extent of my staff’s contact with regard to Central Pacific Bank, to any outside agency,” Inouye’s statement said.

Inouye’s office said an FDIC official called back days later and left a voicemail message saying the application was still under review…

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Hawaii: Cautionary Tale Over the FairPoint-Verizon Deal

Back in March, I posted a blog that talked about Hawaii Telecom knowing the problems they were facing ahead of time when taking over the Verizon accounts here in Hawaii:

…The specter that hangs over this is Hawaii Telecom. In that state a consulting firm paid $1.6 billion for Verizon’s landline service in 2005, only to collapse into bankruptcy because of myriad problems with billing and other “back-office” systems.

Bailey said the parallels are less than they seem, however.

In Hawaii, they knew the systems weren’t going to work when they turned them on. Here, the overall performance of the systems, although it’s not adequate, is better than a complete failure,” she said.

In Hawaii, they couldn’t even bill, so they couldn’t get any revenue in – their cash flow was nothing…”

According to today’s Morning Sentinel:

…In Hawaii, their members were involved in a situation in which a private equity firm borrowed heavily to buy the state’s largest telephone carrier from Verizon in 2005. Back-office transition problems led to poor customer service, declining revenue and bankruptcy reorganization. Hawaii was held up as a cautionary tale during the debate over the FairPoint-Verizon deal.

“There’s no satisfaction in saying I told you so,” said Rand Wilson, a spokesman for IBEW Local 2222 in Boston. “FairPoint said their experience would be different.”

The IBEW has 2,500 members at FairPoint, 800 of them in Maine. The union has been in contact with its counterpart in Hawaii to keep up on the bankruptcy proceeding there.

In late June, a competing cable operator made a buyout offer to take over Hawaiian Telecom, a motion opposed by the company, which is operating normally in the meantime. In May, it began promoting new pricing for service that bundles phone and Internet connections.

Full article here.

Big Island Filmmaker Caught Up in Shield Law and Subpoenaed

*edit* I was just notified this was also in the Star-Bulletin today as well as the Honolulu Advertiser’s Breaking news last night.  (Where have I been?)
First Amendment Center:

The American Civil Liberties Union has invoked a new state law to protect a Big Island documentary filmmaker subpoenaed to provide his unpublished interviews and raw video footage.

The shield law, enacted last year, protects journalists and others who are acting as news-gatherers from having to testify or produce evidence.

The subpoenas stem from a property dispute in Kauai. For eight years, landowner Joseph Brescia had sought to build on a parcel on Naue Point where 30 graves had been discovered, according to the ACLU.

Though the state Supreme Court ruled against his construction plans, Brescia filed civil lawsuits against those he contended delayed his project.

As part of those suits, Brescia subpoenaed Keoni Kealoha Alvarez, who for two years has been documenting Native Hawaiian burial practices. Alvarez is not a party in the suits.

The subpoenas, addressed to Alvarez personally and to his video production firm, demand video recordings that Alvarez did not use in his documentary as well as interviews that have not been published.

In a statement, Alvarez said he promised his interview subjects complete confidentiality because the subject matter — Native Hawaiian belief systems and burial practices — are generally considered to be taboo.

“If I’m forced to turn over these tapes, we’ll never be able to do a project like this again,” he added. “The trust in the journalist will be destroyed.”

Under the shield law, Alvarez is protected from complying with the subpoena, said ACLU senior staff attorney Daniel Gluck. The ACLU has sent Brescia’s lawyer a letter saying the shield law voids the subpoenas, Gluck said, adding that it may be the first time since its enactment that the law has been invoked.

Another Alvarez lawyer, James Bickerton, said in a statement, “Simply put, Brescia has no right to these materials. If he can’t see that by reading the law, we will ask the court to explain it to him.”

Brescia can request a court hearing to have his subpoena enforced, Gluck said.

Gov. Linda Lingle signed the legislation July 3, 2008.

Both traditional and online journalists are protected under the law, though reporters working for Internet sites have to show that they’re serving the public interest before they can be granted the safeguard.

Thirty-five states and the District of Columbia have enacted shield laws, according to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. However, Gluck said all 50 states, either through statute or court rulings, have some level of protections for reporters.

Brescia and his lawyer could not be reached for comment for this story.


From the Star-Bulletin:

Keoni Alvarez invokes the state’s media-shield law and gets some help from the ACLU

By Star-Bulletin Staff and News Services

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Jul 01, 2009

A documentary filmmaker from the Big Island is the first person to invoke Hawaii’s media-shield law, which took effect last year.

The law protects journalists from being forced to reveal news sources and unpublished material and information.

The filmmaker is Keoni Kealoha Alvarez.

In Kauai Circuit Court, California businessman Joseph Brescia is suing 17 people he claims trespassed and protested on his property on Kauai’s North Shore, delaying the construction of his home at Naue Point. His lawyer, Philip Leas, said the delays cost Brescia hundreds of thousand of dollars.

Brescia issued subpoenas for video Alvarez recorded of the protests. Leas says he knows the video exists because Alvarez provided some to one of the defendants to use in her defense.

“That’s selective use,” Leas said, “We should be allowed to use all of it.”

The American Civil Liberties Union and attorney James Bickerton are representing Alvarez.

Bickerton said Alvarez recorded the video for an upcoming documentary and offered to give Brescia the same video he provided the defendant. But he will not turn over the rest.

He said Brescia wants all video depicting the property, the protests on the property, Brescia’s agents, the lawsuit and burials on the property.

“Brescia has no right to these materials,” Bickerton said.

Alvarez said the documentary deals with Hawaiian belief systems, burial practices and issues that many people consider kapu. He said if he’s forced to turn over the video, he will never be able to do a similar project again.

Leas said if Alvarez doesn’t want to turn over the video, he has to establish that he qualifies for protection under the shield law.

“We’re not aware that he’s a journalist,” he said.

Bickerton said Alvarez qualifies because he regularly participates in the publishing of news. Alvarez is president of Hawaiian Island Productions and has produced at least one other documentary.

Brescia has been in and out of court and has gone back and forth between state and county agencies for approval to construct his home since his contractor found at least 30 Hawaiian burials on the property.

3.0 Earthquake Registered on East Side of Big Island

A minor earthquake occurred at 10:45:29 PM (HST) on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 .
The magnitude 3.0 event occurred 12 km (8 miles) NNE of Kukuihaele.
The hypocentral depth is 13 km ( 8 miles).

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