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Mehana and Friends

Mehana and Friends

So I mentioned the other day that local Big Island Brew Company Hawaii Nui Brewing will be sponsoring this blog.

Hawaii Nui Brewing

I guess before I seal the deal… I need to figure out which premium beers of theirs is my favorite.

cash and carry

Pahoa Cash & Carry

I’m fortunate that Cash & Carry here in Pahoa happens to be the only place in Pahoa that carries the Hawaii Nui Brews, AND they will sell them by the individual bottle.  You can find a list of places they sell them throughout all of the Hawaii Islands here.

Mehana Hawaii Lager

Mehana Hawaii Lager

Tonight I picked up three singles of three different types of their beer.  I’m sampling the Mehana Hawaii Lager tonight.

It’s a great tasting beer, but before I jump to conclusions and say this is the one for me… I will be trying all of their beers before I figure out which one I want to go with.  Knowing me… I’ll probably like them all and won’t be able to decide!

*Update* Proof That Rats Eat Coqui Frogs


Cartoon Courtesy of Tom Lackey

coqui complaint

Newly Crowned Miss Hawaii 2009 Raeceen Woolford on the “KC and Taka in the Morning Show”

KC & Taka interview Raeceen Woolford – Miss Hawaii 2009. Taka attempts to answer a question from the pagent.


Big Island BookBuyers Hosting Children’s Book Exchange

Childrens books will be available for exchange from now until August 30th, 2009 at Big Island BookBuyers in Pahoa.


How it works:

If you have any books that you would like to exchange, bring in up to 3 books and trade them for 3 more books.

The first time exchanging: If you do not haver your own books to exchange, you may take books without having a trade.  This is only good the first time; after that you’ll need to return 3 books in order to take 3 books.

The books will be traded for other books delegated to the exchange program; the exchange program will not include all the books in the store.

Inside Big Island BookBuyers

Inside Big Island BookBuyers

BookBuyers is located in Pahoa Village (across the streets from teh banks)

Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00 am – 6 pm; Sun – Noon – 5 pm.

Questions, please call 854-6681 or check out

Kilima Hawaiians and the Historic Hawaii Video

I’ve had an overwhelming amount of people asking about the video I posted a while back on the Historic Hawaii Footage from 1916.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I do recommend you take a few minutes to view it.


I had been wondering who played that song that was being played in the background of the video when the Train is going through the islands and I finally received the following comment:

FYI, This video language is not German, but actually Dutch. That is why Ronny Temme above from Amsterdam, the Netherlands asked how this video was acquired. This film clip was made by a Dutch film crew. Remember, that the Dutch were in the Pacific for 350 years, if not longer because Indonesia was known as the Dutch East Indies up until just after WWII when Indonesia gained its independence from the Dutch colonists. Dutch merchant marine shipping was in it’s hey day, although Hawaii was not frequently visited. Hawaiian music was however very popular in the time of the Dutch East Indies. Coy Pereira was a popular Hawaiian musician and can be viewed on You Tube.

Just a little piece of history.



So after looking on youtube for Coy Pereira clips I found out a little bit more about the group that he was part of called the Kilima Hawaiians.

45 years as a band gave them a place in the guiness book of records some time ago.Here they are in a steel guitar meeting in 1989
Coy Pereira, Mary Buisman, Luut Buisman, Bill Buisman and Coy’s son.


This is the second clip from Oudewater (The Netherlands) where the Kilima Hawaiians performed.
This song is called Tigershark


Honolulu Star-Bulletin Refuses Anti-Obama Ad Because “…it is political”

I can’t verify the story that is posted below. I’m just passing along something I read.

I’m sure the Star-Bulletin probably turns down a lot of ads… I wonder how long they will be in Business? $7,000 probably could have paid the salary of two staff members for a couple of months.


Despite offering the full rate of $7,168.50 plus taxes for a full-page, color ad on page 2 of the news section of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin next Monday, the copy was rejected – the latest turn down by a growing list of media companies that won’t touch the birth certificate issue even for money.

I spoke to my publisher and unfortunately we cannot accept the ad because it is political,” explained Cyd Kamakea, classified advertising manager…

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