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OHA Gives $25,000 Grant to HPD’s Bike Patrol

Media Release

Bike Patrol

The Hawai’i Police Department has received a $25,000 grant from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs to enhance and expand the Police Department’s Bicycle Patrol.

The money will provide training for Bicycle Patrol officers in the areas of cultural awareness, crisis intervention, homelessness and mental illness. It also will fund bicycle safety training and the purchase and maintenance of equipment.

Bicycle Patrol officers now patrol downtown Hilo, Keaukaha and Puna. Those areas include neighborhoods in and around Hawaiian Homelands and parks where large groups of people, including Native Hawaiians, congregate. Long-range plans include patrols in other communities on the island.

The partnership with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs aims to improve the quality of life for people of Hawaiian ancestry, Hawaiian Homeland residents and other members of the community. It will enable police to interact with the Hawaiian community in a more culturally sensitive way, respecting Hawaiian traditions and practices. The goal of the partnership is to increase awareness and provide knowledge and skills for police officers who come into contact with at-risk individuals, particularly those who may suffer from mental illness. The ultimate goal is to lower the number of Native Hawaiians entering the criminal justice system, while still providing a safe environment for communities on the island of Hawai’i .

Police Chief Harry Kubojiri said he is grateful for OHA’s Bicycle Patrol grant. “OHA is giving us an opportunity to expand our services, even as the county faces economic challenges,” he said. “The community has responded favorably to our Bicycle Patrol. Children, especially, love to talk with officers on bicycles. We intend to reach out to them and foster a better relationship.”

1988 Vietnamese Rescue Caught on Tape

I just noticed the Star-Bulletin is posting old stock footage on youtube.

You can see the majority of the clips here.

The following clip is pretty interesting to watch as well as listening to the dialog that happened on this evening.

On Sept. 15, 1988, a group of 42 Vietnamese who had fled Communist rule in their country were rescued by an Exxon oil tanker. Hawaii resident Barry Solywoda, then captain of the ship, recorded the rescue.


Hilo Art & Glass Supply Closing… Everything 50% Off

Hilo Art & Glass Supply is closing.  I noticed a sign on the window the other day.  I didn’t think to take a picture of the sign.

I just talked to David at the store and he said the last day they are going to be open is Tuesday.

Everything is 50% off however things are selling fast so get down there quick.  (There probably is also some restricted items that are not 50% off)

318-1 Kino’ole Street
Hilo, Hawaii 96720

Hilo Art & Glass Supply

Hilo Art & Glass Supply is owned by artist Eva Anderson-Terada. Born on Oahu, Eva grew up on the Big Island. She opened Island Art Supply with a partner in 1996, and went independent with Hilo Art & Glass Supply in January of 2004. Eva teaches art , makes art, keeps the ends meeting, and compulsively purchases exciting new art supplies for customer enjoyment!

Hawaii Fire Station Catches on Fire… Bad Cooks to Blame


Mayor Kenoi Signs Hands-Free Cell Phone Bill

Media Release

Mayor Billy Kenoi yesterday signed an ordinance into law that mandates the use of a hands-free device when using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle.

Bill 66, introduced by Hawai‘i County Councilman Pete Hoffmann, was adopted by the Council on June 16. The signed ordinance was delivered to the County Clerk’s office today.

Starting January 1, 2010, the new law requires motorists to use a hands-free device when using a mobile electronic device while driving. Violators may be fined up to $150 per offense. Anyone causing a collision with injury or damage while using a mobile electronic device while driving without hands-free equipment may be fined up to $500 per offense.

“Many people will have to change their behavior as a result of this legislation including me,” said Mayor Kenoi. “But if it saves lives, prevents injuries and property damage, using a hands-free device is a small price to pay.”

Exemptions to the law include emergency responders using a mobile electronic device for a 911 emergency call, drivers using two-way radios in the performance and scope of their work-related duties, and drivers holding valid amateur radio operator licenses issued by the FCC.

Hawai‘i County police will help make the public aware of the new ordinance before it takes effect.

Sick Day

Well guess who came down with a cough?  I kept my son home today… I’m taking him into his doctors soon.

I think I have a clue as to where and whom he may have got it from.  I just hope it doesn’t last as long as that child was sick for.

2009 06 26 09 49 51

Feline Friday

Two Fridays ago I posted my first Feline Friday cat:

Feline Friday 1

I got so much response from that post, that I thought I’d try it again today.  Can you see the cat below?  It’s in about the same spot as the cat from a couple Friday’s ago.

He's wearing his camoflauged outfit

He's wearing his camoflauged outfit

Well in case you can’t see him… I was able to sneak up on him/her before it ran off and caught this picture.

Now can you see him?

Now can you see him?

Stay tuned for the next Feline Friday….

Same Cat Time… Same Cat Channel!

Blow Hole Cliff Jumper Dives in and Climbs Out from a Sea Cave at South Point Big Island Hawaii

I walked up to look over the edge of a blow hole, forty plus feet deep. The ocean comes in and out of it through a keyhole cut into the cliff side. A local guy sees me, walks up and out on a rock ledge-claps his hands twice, makes a prayer, and times his jump with an incoming wave. At first I’m not sure where he’s at and then he shows up on the ocean side of the sea cave, swims back in and waits for a surge to catch a rock to climb up and out like a spider man.