Volcanoes National Park and Hydrogen-Powered Shuttles?

I previously blogged about Volcanoes National Park’s Climate Friendly Plan in April.

hydrogen Shuttle

Hydrogen Powered Shuttle Busses

Looks like more noise is being created Federally on this project as well as other Climate Friendly Park Plans.

…The National Park Service and the Environmental Protection Agency have started the Climate Friendly Parks network program to help parks address climate change. Parks must measure their amounts of emissions, come up with plans to curb them and educate the public on what they can do to help…

Visitors to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park may soon hop on hydrogen-powered shuttles

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  1. Reducing emissions is always good, but I’m not sure where such a shuttle will take people in HVNP. Are shuttles currently in use there? Maybe they could be pressed into action if or when lava flows shift back to the southwest and nearer to the Chain-of-Craters Road portion of the park.

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