Live “Sound Bytes” From Today’s County Council Meeting… “The Coup Attempt”

I’m pretty frustrated that these County Council meetings are not streamed live on the Internet.

I’m pretty sure that the way these meetings are currently being broadcast to the satellite stations is an IP based stream.

Why they don’t just link this stream up to the internet for all of us to be able to watch… I just don’t know.

I have granted Kohala attorney Margaret Wille access to post to my site during today’s meeting.

She will be doing this via remote email, where I have set up my blog so that she can simply email directly to this blog to create a new “Sound byte Blog Bytes” every so often from today’s meeting.

After she is done, we will be able to compile these notes into one more formal blog posting.

This is just an experiment at this point.   Had Ms. Wille been a “Twitter” user, I would have just taken her Twitter Stream.

If anyone else is going to be at the meeting and would like to have access to post to my blog during the meeting… please let me know at and I grant you privilege.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 9:00 this morning and you can see the agenda here

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