When Stats Don’t Add Up

Interesting post by Big Island Resident Laura Kinoshita on her new blog entitled “News Blotter”.

In it, she tries to verify traffic to individual blogs on the Big Island.

I can say that as much as I like Laura… those stats don’t add up.

Here is what she listed:

The 10 most popular sites (and their estimated traffic per day) are:

Wordful.com                                   5,476

PunaWeb.org                                  3,388

BigIslandVideoNews                    1,171

FBI Blogs.com                                   636

DamonTucker.com                          588

Hahaha.hamakuasprings.com     497

BigIslandChronicle                          417

Mediabaron.com                             355

DarkerView.com                              238

Hawaii247.com                                 216

Yahoo, I’ve got two blogs in the top 10! ;)

The problem, I don’t believe these statistics one bit.  I see the hits coming in for both the Fbiblogs.com and damontucker.com and I know that my personal blog is getting more page visits then the Fbiblogs.com .

Another really startling and alarming statistic that Kinoshita blogs:

There are a few, very high-quality sites that receive less than 10 visits per day, according StatBrain…:









This simply isn’t true.  Bree Wee’s blog is probably one of the most visited blogs on the Big Island.  Some day’s she can have 50 comments on her posts alone.

The Kona Blog the last time Aaron mentioned it to me… was getting at least 200 – 300 visits a day.

And my blog… well, it fluxuates… but 588 page visits??? Please now… I haven’t had that few visits in one day in at least 4-5 months!

Laura is a great girl and I can’t wait for the go ahead to add her to the FBI Blogs!

7 Responses

  1. So, the thing with just going by Web server “visits” is that 20-30% are generated by non-humans (bots). The thing I like about StatBrain is that it trys to account for that.

    So, take a look at how long your site visits are. Obviously any visit less than a few seconds long is a robot and should not be counted in total Web visits. When I look at the average Web site, 20% of the visits are by spiders and index engines.

    And, just because a site gets 50 comments on one post, doesn’t mean it’s pulling that type of traffic every single day.

    I totally discount any Web site that promotes “visits” — tell me how many HUMANS you are getting to your site.

    How many visits are longer than 30 seconds? That’s a number I’ll believe.

    Damon – I beg to say differently. Very rarely do I stay on a blog more then 10 seconds if that blogger has not updated their page since the last time I have visited. Does that make me a bot?

    If I visit a blog and I’m not interested in the topic… should I stay there for 30 seconds to get counted as a visit?

  2. I agree these stats are off.

    On 6/13 my site had 2015 visits
    On 6/12 my site had 1722 visits

    maybe there was a particular day a while ago that these stats were gathered.

    Damon – she may have not been looking at your blog in the statistics. I’ve had days with over 5,000 page views. I’m not sure how that thing does it’s statistics.

  3. Damon, why don’t you compile the “Big Island Top Blogs” list, you could probably generate a more accurate picture for us. Doubt I would be in the top ten on that one!

  4. Well, 200+ is probably about right for DarkerView. I get about 150 a day direct (Google Analytics) and maybe another 50-75 RSS subscriptions. But I agree some of the other numbers do not seem right.

  5. I can’t see how the blogs above can garner less than 10 hits/day. If you go to StatBrain.com type in gibberish after the www and put a .com after it like: http://www.l;aklsdnslsal.com you’ll find that the site gets 12 visitors/day.

    My friend runs NevadaPreps.com for Stephens Media and they have ads turn-off because they’ve gotten thousands of hits/page yet StatBrain.com says they get 885 visitors/day.

    If anything StatBrain.com is brilliant because everytime we go there we add hits to their site which helps their Google AdSense revenue.

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