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Hawaii County Will Get Double Decker Bus

The Bus that was tried out on the Big Island a while back

The Bus that was tried out on the Big Island a while back

Hawaii County’s Mass Transit Agency has ordered a double decker bus that will be the first in Hawaii when it arrives as expected early next year…

More here

Mayor Kenoi Signs a Smaller Budget, Cuts County Spending

County of Hawai’i Mayor Billy Kenoi signed his administration’s first budget today, a $387 million spending plan that reduces expenditures by 4.1 percent from the current year’s budget. The new spending plan marks the first time the county budget has been reduced since 2001…

More here

NASA Releases Video on the Testing That Took Place on Mauna Kea

Back in November, I got to go up to Mauna Kea and check out the Moon Rover (SCARAB) that was tested up there.

NASA workers at the Mauna Kea Testing Site

NASA workers at the Mauna Kea Testing Site

I wasn’t paid to go up there, I simply communicated with NASA officials and got the credentials to go there as a “Community Blogger”.

Media from around the world talking to NASA Reps.

Media from around the world talking to NASA Reps.

I just thought it would be a great once  in a life time opportunity for my wife and I to check the stuff out… as she is a total science fiction “buff”.

My wife and a machine that will create water out of "Moon Dust"

My wife and a machine that will create water out of "Moon Dust"

You can view my blog and pictures from that little trip up there here.

NASA released the following video today from this “Mission”:

Research teams and NASA experts on regolith, the material covering the Moon’s surface, held tests in Hawaii in November 2008, on equipment and lunar rover concepts that will help astronauts take advantage of resources onsite where they land. The tests were held in Hawaii because its volcanic soil is similar to the Moon’s. NASA tested prototype robotic rovers and excavators that could collect soil for oxygen generation systems. Rovers with prospecting equipment could search for water ice and volatile gases that could be used by astronauts on the lunar surface to reduce the amount of resources brought from Earth.


Honolulu Councilmember Duke Bainum Dies

Duke Bainum, RIP

Duke Bainum, RIP

Honolulu City Councilmember Duke Bainum has died

An e-mail from Bainum’s staff this morning said, “We are deeply saddened to announce that Councilmember Duke Bainum passed away last night at approximately 11 p.m. from complications due to an aneurysm…

More Here

Lincoln Ashida: Why Negligent Homicide Suspects are Normally Released Pending Further Investigation

From the Desk of Hawaii Corporation Counsel Lincoln Ashida:

Why negligent homicide suspects are normally released pending further investigation. A very sad story was reported in our local media over the past weekend, where a one year-old child was killed in a traffic collision. The news report says the driver of a pickup truck ran a red light and collided into a vehicle occupied by the one year-old child. The Police are attributed as saying “speed and alcohol were factors in the crash.” The driver of the pickup truck is reported to have a DUI conviction from 21 years ago. The driver of the pickup truck was arrested, but not immediately charged and released pending further investigation.

Some have wondered why the driver was released without charges. Unfortunately, some in our community who have written anonymous responses to the newspaper article have already concluded this is the product of police ineptitude or corruption

More here

P.S. Mr. Ashida, is there a reason why your blog is formatted so “Fred Flinstone” like?

Big Island Press Club’s Scholarship Deadline Extended and “Gleanings” Made Available to the Public

I noticed that the BIPC has extended it’s deadline for scholarship applications:

…Originally applicants had until June 11 to turn in their papers, but the Scholarship Committee, headed by Peter Sur, will review applications that are received up to June 18…

I just found out that the “EVER SO SECRETIVE” Press Club “Gleanings” have been released to the public after yesterday”s “BIPC Meeting” that was announced on the site.

There is some interesting reads in there.

I think the Press Club Website could do a lot to really inform the public of what is going on in the world with the different Press Clubs throughout the world.

It would make for an interesting read.

Now that these Gleanings are available to the public… I’ll just point you guys directly to the most recent ones:






I’ve enjoyed working with those helping to build the site.  I honestly think what a cool thing would be… is if all the press club members started contributing to the site as registered authors.

It could make for a real powerful site if all the members of the Big Island Press Club started to contribute to the site.

For complete disclosure… I have spent a bit of time tweaking and playing with the site… however… Wayne Joseph is the Administrator of the site and all changes on the site go through the board before anything.

I truly believe in social media… even if it’s helping our own Big Island Press Club get up to date on things.