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Tonight: Alohi at Pahoa Museum With Special Guests

alohi june 09

The Unemployment Line

I worked the last decade on Oahu for the Department of Education.

When my wife gave birth to my son over on Oahu, we didn’t want our son to be taken care of by someone outside of the family when he was only one when my wife went back to work after her maternity leave.

Things really worked out well for us, as the job my wife was working at ended shortly after my son was born so my wife was able to stay home and collect unemployment while I kept working on Oahu.

My wife found her dream job… Unfortunately for me, it was on the Big Island. She returned to the Big Island and we were very fortunate that her parents were able to watch my son during the days.

The problem was… I was literally getting sick of not being able to see my wife and son. Anyone that knows me… knows that my Ohana means more then anything in the world to me.

So after about 3 years of flying back and forth between islands, I decided to just move back to the Big Island and look for a job. Well we all know the economy is tanking and we all know that it’s pretty hard to find a job here… So needless to say I was very fortunate to land a position with the DOE as well as the Census Bureau.

My DOE job was only an Emergency Hire position and coincidentally my Census Bureau position ended a week after my Emergency Hire position ended. I went from working 60 hours for about 2 months to not working at all.

Well I was still getting called into work as a “Sub” of late… just not on a regular basis. Now it’s summer time and I know they won’t be calling me at all.

The census bureau sent me a form telling me I could take it to the unemployment office if I needed to file unemployment. I really didn’t think I would get it just for the simple fact that I only worked a couple months with the Census Bureau.

Well it turns out that the Census Bureau work wasn’t even the work that they figure in. I guess they go back the last 5 quarters back to 2008 to see your employment history.

I told the lady at the Unemployment office that I quit my DOE job on Oahu because I wanted to move home to be closer to my family. Well it turns out… that doesn’t have anything to do with things. Because I was working for the Census Bureau f/t … that old employment kicked in.

So somehow between my old job on Oahu, and the jobs I’ve worked since moving back to the Big Island… it made me eligible for unemployment.

I’m actually quite amazed at how much they do give unemployed people here in Hawaii. Although I guess it’s based upon what I was making on Oahu and it’s not nearly what I was making there….

But still… Getting unemployment on the Big Island for my Oahu work is pretty weird. It’s gonna be pretty hard to even find a job on the Big Island making what I was on Oahu!

Well, I’ll just be happy and do what I have to do to try and find a job.

Anyone know of any hook ups?

Am I Protected by Shield Laws? Do I Need To Respond to a Question on My Blog?

I just received the following comment on my blog, and I pretty much have waited to respond to the person in question before I send something off to him/her.

…My question how did you get hold of this material (without filmmuseum logo)? I am very interested in your answer…

I have no disrespect in the question they asked, I’m just curious if I actually have to tell the buggah how I found the clip.

This is the clip in question that I posted on April 23rd.  It has been re-posted to other sites and linked to my site as me being the one that found it online.


I have no way to tell if the buggah will read this again…

So in full disclosure to anyone reading this…

I simply typed in “Hawaii” at the youtube search engine and it was the first video that popped up as a recent video.  I guess I just checked at the right time as their are thousands of videos loaded with the tag of Hawaii everyday.

Now should I have to take this off my blog or something?