How to Write a Good Post in 5 Minutes

This post is based upon the post on Wordful entitled How to Write a Good Blog in 15 minutes.


Many people know how I toss out so much content in one day at times.  I simply type fast and I suck at spelling.  I don’t care much about my grammar because I know that as long as I get the message out that needs to  get out is what is important.

Being able to cut and paste to your blog is essential when writing a blog like I write, as often times I’m cutting/pasting and linking things that can often take a lot of time if you don’t know shortcut keys.

I’ve always felt that anything and everything is worth writing about at times.  I now almost always carry my camera with me, and I’m constantly searching the internet for things that interest me.

Other times I will read other peoples blogs and get ideas from their blogs and just write about what I think my version of something should be.

I’ve never blogged to try and make money.  I’ve always just blogged things that I thought were interesting to me, and if others enjoyed reading about it… so be it.

I’ll occasionally post press releases and fliers of events of things that are posted by sent to me, but most of the time when I write a blog… I don’t think too much about it as I’m writing it.

Sometimes I’ll write a post and I’ll add pictures that I find from the internet because often times I think a pictures is worth a thousand words…

(Damn 6 minutes)

*update* geez, just read this post again and I really do suck at grammar.