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The Halls of the Waikoloa

One of the nice things about the Hilton Waikoloa Village is that it has a Tram and a boat that will take you to your rooms.  While you get a great view from the boats and the trams are pretty fast, I think a great way to get around the Waikoloa is on foot traveling the halls of the Waikoloa.

Waikoloa Hall 1

All of the halls are filled with art from around the world

Hall 2

The above picture are various types of drums.  This picture below is spirit boards.

Hall 3

Everywhere you turn there is gorgeous art

Hall 6

Such as this collection of ancient plates and vases

Hall 5

I can’t believe most of this stuff is just sitting out in the open for people to touch and interact with.

waikoloa 069

Don’t ask me what the above is… I know it’s not an ancient coat rack.  I’m not sure of the total distance of walking I did, but with all the art that I was checking out… it didn’t seem like much of a walk at all.

Hall 7

I think I got from one end of the hotel to the other in about an hours time and I was stopping to take a lot of pictures.

Hall 8

I’m sure I could have spent much more time stopping and reading about each piece of art I was walking by, but then that would have take me days to explore just the hallways of the hotel in itself.

Hall 9

But then again, I probably could have walked the halls even faster, had I not been taking all these pictures of this interesting art.

Hall 9

So the next time your at the Waikoloa remember that you can take the boat for the outdoor views.

Boat 2

Or you can walk the halls of the Waikoloa for some really close up views of some interesting art.

Hall 11

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