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I was taught a long time ago to “pick my battles” with people that you love and often times certain things just aren’t worth fighting over.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my wife has Obsessive Compulsion Disorder over Toilet Paper (OCD over TP).

I’m the type of guy that really doesn’t care where my toilet paper is sitting or how it’s sitting on the roll, just as long as there is toilet paper there.

tp 001

I don’t know why this site above sets her off so much.  I can literally hear her screaming at herself (me) about why she has to be the one putting the TP on the roll all the time.

Another thing that irks me a bit, is why is there such a fuss over which way the TP actually sits on the roll?

tp 002

Everyone says that this is the correct way because if the toilet paper had print on it… then the print could be seen.

I’ve heard others argue that it should be like this:

tp 003

I find it funny when I arrive at a hotel room and their is a toilet paper roll there and it has the edges folded like this:

tp 004

I don’t get it?  Is the hotel trying to tell us something?

And what is the deal with putting flowery print on something that your just gonna wipe your butt with?  I understand that it’s to make your bathroom prettier and all, but folks… your wiping your ass with it!

Don’t even get me started on SCENTED TOILET PAPER!


*update* Some twitter responses on which way to hang the toilet paper:

  1. Stacie Mahoestaciemahoe@damontucker Over the top!half a minute ago from TwitterFon in reply to damontucker
  2. Randy Filkindesignerpens@damontucker you’re supposed to *hang* toilet paper?23 minutes ago from mobile web
  1. Don Aweauaweau@damontucker IMHO Its better to have end outside if you wipe to feel completely clean. Inside if you trying to save bc the sheets rip easier11 minutes ago from TweetDeck in reply to damontucker
  2. Craig MiyamotoCraigMiyamoto@damontucker re toilet paper, right way is over the top, unless you have a cat, then it’s against the wall. (I do not have OCD)11 minutes ago from web in reply to damontucker
  3. Mary La'a MoritaKauaiMareRT @damontucker: What’s the right way to hang toilet paper? My wife is OCD over this issues: http://tinyurl.com/lhdmqh11 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  4. Nanette NaniWaialeale@damontucker Is there a right way to hang toilet paper?13 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

2 Responses

  1. Did you know that there’s a Toilet Paper Debate Poll on Facebook where 118973 votes have been cast for over or under? LOL

  2. Well its on the holder and over the top then – or you’re going to have to listen to your wife bitching for the rest of your life. Does that settle it? (Hey, she gave me ten bucks to write this!)

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