Ask Governor Lingle to Sign Medical Marijuana Task Force Bill Into Law

Media Release

Both chambers of the state legislature have approved SB 1058, which would establish a task force to examine crucial issues surrounding Hawaii’s medical marijuana law. The bill is now sitting on Gov. Linda Lingle’s desk awaiting her signature.

Please send an e-mail to Gov. Lingle today asking her to sign this bill into law.

While Gov. Lingle may sign SB 1058 into law at any time, she has until June 30 to signal her intent to veto SB 1058; however, if she has taken no action on it by July 15, the bill will become law with or without her signature.

After you have e-mailed Gov. Lingle, please follow up with a call, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., in support of SB 1058.

If SB 1058 becomes law, the task force will have 13 members, including a registered patient and two physicians. Once established, the taskforce would: (1) Examine current state statutes, state administrative rules, and all county policies and procedures relating to the medical marijuana program; (2) Examine all issues and obstacles that qualifying patients have encountered with the program; (3) Examine all issues and obstacles that state and county law enforcement agencies have encountered with the program; (4) Compare and contrast Hawaii’s medical marijuana program with other state programs; and (5) Address other issues and perform any other function necessary as the task force deems appropriate relating to the program.

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  1. As someone who posseses the skillset required for prodution of marijuana, it frustrates me that Hawaii being a pioneer in medical mj, has been remiss for 10 years. Neglecting the issue has not only left legit patients in the lurch. Still forced to buy mj from black market dealers. This hands off attitude has also done nothing for public opinion, debate, or education. Most folks on the street have no idea of our state program, or what med mj even means. I have skills going to waste. I can help people. Companies like Medical Marijuana Inc. have developed systems of checks and balances for tax collection and compliance with state regulation at point of sale. The tools are out there for success.

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