Hawaii Girls Roller Derby League

*update* Sorry folks… it looks like the clip has been taken down. (Thanks Liza over at “A Maui Blog” for noticing the broken link.)


Looks like the Hawaii Girls Roller Derby League is off to another hard hitting start:

Maui May-Hem All womens flat track roller derby: Black Vs. White with the Hawaii Pacific Roller Derby girls from Oahu. May 17, 2009 Bout! Check out these hard core roller derby chics!!


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  1. oppsss, the video said it’s been removed by the user. Probably changed her/his mind.

    Anyway, this roller derby seems to be an exciting thing to watch!

    Damon – Thanks Liza, I just looked for another clip of this but couldn’t find one now.

    Too fast these buggahs that load up clips the want private. ;)

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