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Should Hawaii County Ban Drivers From Using Cell Phones… POLL

I’m bringing back the cell phone Poll in light of the recent developments in today’s paper.  If you voted previously… you will not be able to vote again.

[polldaddy poll=”1533751″]

3.1 Earthquake Shakes Kailua

A minor earthquake occurred at 3:15:03 PM (HST) on Sunday, May 17, 2009 .
The magnitude 3.1 event occurred 12 km (8 miles) NW of Kailua .
The hypocentral depth is 11 km ( 7 miles).


Iran Presidential Hopeful, 12, Wants to Move Israel to Hawaii

A 12-year-old Iranian schoolboy who hopes to unseat hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has vowed that, if elected, he will resettle Israelis in Hawaii, The Scotsman reported on Friday.

“I will buy Hawaii, Obama’s birthplace, from the United States and lease it to the Israelis who will go to live there – so that they don’t kill children in Gaza,” the Scottish daily quoted presidential candidate Kourosh Mozouni as saying…

More here

What a Project Better Place Battery Changing Station May Look Like

Yokohama, Japan — Better Place today achieved a milestone in accelerating the mass-market adoption of electric vehicles by demonstrating the worlds first battery switch technology along with electric car charging spots. This simple range extension technology delivers a cleaner, more convenient experience for drivers. Better Place was the only foreign company invited by the Japanese Ministry of Environment to demonstrate its switch technology, which provides a viable solution to make electric vehicles a reality by offering drivers virtually unlimited range.


Better Place showcased its battery switch platform today using a modified NISSAN electric crossover SUV to demonstrate how to switch a depleted battery for a fully charged one. The company also demonstrated its commitment to open network standards by charging a fixed battery electric car, via one of four Better Place charge spots installed at the demonstration site. Recharging of the vehicle batteries is made possible by Sharp Corp. photovoltaic solar panels, creating a truly zero emission solution.

Marty Dread Rocks Pahoa Village

Marty Dread rocked Pahoa Village Cafe last.


The Reggae superstar from Maui was on fire for the people of Pahoa.

marty 025

Even Councillady Emily Naeole was getting down to the Dread

marty 017

A great time was had by all

marty 027

There were folks both young and old

marty 034

Slowly but surely, the Pahoa Village Cafe is becoming the place to go to for entertainment.

marty 005

And the Bartenders have got to be some of the best in East Hawaii

marty 046

Of course Marty is always hamming things up for the camera:

marty 042

Click on the pictures below for larger images:

And one last picture:

RUDEDOGG and a Friend Sending a Message to the guys that ripped off his tattoo shop

RUDEDOGG and a Friend Sending a Message to the guys that ripped off his tattoo shop

Damon Tucker’s WEBlog? NOPE… Damon Tucker’s Blog

After nearly 9 months blogging and talking to a few people tonight… My head is spinning about a few things…

But why in the heck did I call this blog… “Damon Tucker’s WEBlog” ..

Instead of just Damon Tucker’s Blog.

Truth be known… I don’t really have an answer.

It certainly isn’t written in stone anywhere!

So from this point on….

I’m calling this..

Damon Tucker’s Blog

All corrections will be made tomorrow when I feel like toying on the computer.

What in the heck was I thinking… “Weblog” vs. “BLOG”.  (Old school thinking I guess)