Syd Singer Crashes Guava Control Meeting

Sid Singer Crashes the Meeting: Click For Video

Syd Singer Crashes the Meeting: Click For Video

Syd Singer is a very passionate guy when it comes to many things.

While I’m totally against them releasing a bug to control strawberry guava…

I’m even more against Mr. Singer running a coqui sanctuary!

I hate these dang Coquis much more then the Guava Trees.

Click here to see a video of Mr. Singer crash the Biocontrol meeting that happened the other day courtesy of Big Island Video News.

3 Responses

  1. Damon, I’m glad to see you also oppose the scale insect.

    As for my support for the coqui, they are here to stay and we need to make the best of it. The DoA should have acted sooner, in the early 1990’s, when the first coquis were reported to them. But as usual, the government does not prevent problems, but waits until it’s too late to be effective and then asks for money to control the problem forever. By 2000 they admitted there was no getting rid of the coquis. And spraying the forests with acid, lime, or experimenting with caffeine is bad for the environment, and doesn’t work, and even spreads the coquis.

    So, yes, I have coquis on my property and my family personally likes them, as many others now do, as well. It’s either like them, or feel miserable and spray forever, ruining your environment.

    By the way, coquis are effective insect predators, and they will most likely eat the scale insects in their nymph stage, as the nymphs crawl on the leaves and stems.

    • Hey Damon…… Keep up the good work !!! However, we need to get rid of people like Syd Singer who property will continue to produce the coqui frogs that infest the Big Island as well as the entire Hawaiian island chain. Doing anything else is just managing the problem… putting “bandage” is NOT the solution. If it is ILLEGAL to harbor the coqui frogs (as stated by Hawaiian law), why is Syd continue to do what he does? What is the legal course to get if OFF the island?

      Let me know how I can help.
      My email is

      I plan to move to the Big Island in 2015…so let me know how I can help.

    • Dear Basil – I take the liberty to send you a note in reply to your posting on Damon Tuckers blog. Your suggestion to “get rid of people like Syd Singer” I find alarming.
      I hope you don’t move here. I don’t welcome anyone with your attitude.
      “Get rid of..”?
      Are you just intolerant?
      It is not aloha to wish someone done away with, someone you’ve never met.
      Violent undertones…
      While I am not a big fan of Syd, he is part of the community, has been for decades.
      Actually, his post I find accurate.
      Coquis ARE here to stay.
      You, Syd, or anyone, cannot “harbor” them…anymore than you can harbor mosqitoes or the rain. They are part of our landscape now. Most everybody has coquis on their property.
      Most people DON’T mind them. They adjust.
      If you are really concerned about annoying invasive species, please, stay away,
      be well and thrive where you are.

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