More on the Puna Dude That Wants to Sue Me

Earlier I blogged about Angelo Scrigna wanting to sue me because of a post that I copied from the Hawaii County Website.

The dude kept emailing me throughout the day… so I figured I just let him blow off steam for a day and see where this would take him with his alleged lawsuit he was going to file against me.

…It is not legal to verbally insult people and you have done just that.

if this is how you respond to the public concern┬áthen i will most certainly be forced to take legal action against you….

So I tell him to take action against me… and get this:

I have reviewed your new posting of me,
I do not recall making our conversaion public information, howevr you do not have my permission to further lublish my picture or any conversasion between us, I simply asked you to remove me from your website, if this is the course of intimidation then i will be happy to take legal action against you for verbal assult in a criminal proceeding
thank you

So I kept telling him over and over to sue me… then finally he says this:

thank but i got better things to do!
I think you need to learn some manners though being a puna tick it is understandable that you may not have that.
Thanks for letting me know which sites i need to remove it from before you take me off yours.
and yes i would like your lawyers name.

At any rate… he goes on and on and finally I says “I Suck” because I won’t take his picture down.

I tell him… I may suck… but at least I’m not in trouble with the law…

He then goes on to tell me that he’s innocent… and finally I call his bluff on that and do a little criminal check on the buggah….

So I sent him this:

…Lets see:

Are you False Reporting Bombs in Florida?

Or maybe you would like to talk about your mothers estate?

Dude… keep emailing me… and I’ll have you known all over Hawaii for everything you’ve done.


Yes, Mr. Scrigna your criminal record is open to the public.

But I got an even more interesting email that came in from someone who wishes to remain anonymous:

…Check the police records in 1998 in Bernallilo County NM. Check the police records in Miami-Dade County Florida for 2002. He also tried to file a domestic violence suit against the Bank of America in Miami-Dade County last year. Look up the court records in the County of Hawaii and see all the Temporary Restraining Orders listed…

So Mr. Scrigna… Like I said before… Sue me!

Just quit sending me emails.

You know I’m going to publish them… are you looking to sensationalize yourself as the Big Islands biggest idiot?

Please stop emailing me.

If you would like to talk to my attorney… you can click here

5 Responses

  1. god you guys are pathetic, nothing better to do than publish crap about some one you dont know
    maybe there is a reason why the tro’s were issued, maybe i am a sychopathic killer and people who piss me off disappear? or maybe people have nothing better to do than waste their time like you bunch of lip stickers.
    or maybe you should stick you rnose in your own asshole and se what stinks their, Your shit.

  2. You can check out his non-criminal history via Hoohiki.

    It looks like there was extradition warrant issued in 2004,
    a TRO issued in 2005,three TRO’s issued in 2008,a TRO
    court hearing in 2009. On top of that the State of Hawaii
    filed a case against him in 2009, and another TRO was
    issued against him in April.

  3. And, heaven forbid if you “lubish” his picture.

  4. Duh, let me figure this guy out. Um, he is going to sue you for “deformation” of character. So, what,, is he going to ask his public defender… for his criminal stuff…to file suit against you??? YAH, RIGHT!!!

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