Only in Puna: Hopper’s Hippie Art Mobile

I’m going to start up a little photo gallery that I’m going to call “Only in Puna”.

This is going to be a gallery of pictures that I have taken that you will find no where else… except for in Puna.

So for starters this week, I’ll bring a picture of a VW Van that is often seen cruising the streets of Pahoa Village:


I first saw this  van about a year ago, and if I remember correctly it was at the Pahoa Spring Jam.


There are a few cars in Puna that have this same kind of art work on the car.  I myself won’t even put a bumper sticker on my car.  Different strokes for differnt folks is what they always say.


You certainly can’t miss this driving down the highway.  I’m sure the owner knows that it’s nearly impossible to get a speeding ticket in a VW van anyways.

This person is obviously an artist as they advertise their service right on the front of the van.


This one says “Hopper’s Hippie Art” and the number follows it.  I have no idea what they sell or what kind of services they offer.  If anyone knows, I ‘d love to hear about it.

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  1. here it is 2012, and yes I am still driving this beautiful bus all over Puna and Pahoa! The Magic Bus is alive and well on the big island!
    Check out for all my new adventures!

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