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Government Road Cruise

I came across this tree down Government Road today.

It caught my attention because from a distance it looked like it was two trees that had grown together into one.

But as I got closer… I found out that the poor tree was just a victim of some random asshole that burned a hole through it.


I saw a lot of cool stuff down there today.  It would make a great alternate route into town if they ever decided to make a road along the ocean  into town.


What was even cooler about this little road trip I took… was that I had a GPS on my me and I could tell exactly where everything was located in relation to the rest of the island.


It’s amazing how far off in the boondocks from civilization people actually do live.  I put on nearly 70-80 miles just driving around the area today, and I was only going about 15-20 mph tops most of the time.


As I was driving down the road, I remembered that this was actually the first time that I had ever driven down the road and saw many sights that I had never seen before.


And I even got to see an island I’ve never seen before!


Well it’s not really much of an island… but I bet it has a name!

The best thing about today… was that it was a paid day cruising around in some beautiful territory!

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