Successful Soiree

The Pahoa Museum had another successful “First Saturday Soiree” last night.

Here are some pictures from it:





You can check out these soirees yourself on the first Saturday of each month at the Pahoa Museum located in Downtown Pahoa.

Click pictures below for bigger picture (Sorry about the lighting… forgot to change the lighting settings)

5 Responses

  1. Why so concerned with finances, oh concerned person? Who are you directing your business license inquiry? Who is getting ripped off? If you don’t support/involve yourself/promote your own ideals as anything but an angry blog posting then how do you expect anyone to give a shit about your concerns? Sounds like a lot of misdirected hate. “Try focus more on da positive.” and…. HAHAHAHA hula dancer. That’s funny.

  2. wow one tahitian dancer. okay so sorry my bad but at least I can see the light. So where’s your business license?

  3. Concerned Person…

    That is a Tahitian dancer. I’m not sure where you are getting hula from.

  4. Is this a joke? This soiree has nothing to do with the Hawaiian culture. What a joke and a rip off. Where does the money go to when you pay at the door? Who finances this “regional museum”
    Just a bunch of hippies partying it up as usual in Pahoa. A great representation. they should call it the Punatic Museum. the Hula dancer. they don’t dress like that? Pete and Sarah are not a non-profit anything, show us where the money goes.

  5. This explains why the museum wasn’t open today, I guess.

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