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Pacific Tsunami Museum Founders Heading to Alaska Looking for Individuals With Indigenous Knowledge of Tsunamis in Alaska

…The founders of the Pacific Tsunami Museum located in Hilo, Hawaii, will travel to Alaska this summer to interview survivors of the waves generated by the 1964 earthquake. ..

Walter Dudley

Walter Dudley

…Walter Dudley of the University of Hawaii at Hilo and Jeanne Branch Johnston will travel to Alaska in June, to Seward and Valdez among other stops.  They are interested in interviewing individuals with first-hand knowledge about the 1964 event as well as those with information regarding indigenous knowledge regarding tsunamis in Alaska…

Jeanne Branch Johnston

Jeanne Branch Johnston

…Jeanne Branch Johnston, the interviewer, is a survivor of the 1946 Alaska-generated tsunami that took 159 lives in Hawaii. “I am well aware of the pain and trauma inflicted upon the survivors that, in some cases, never really goes away—at the very least, it impacts your life forever,” she said. The interviews will be archived at the Pacific Tsunami Museum and the Valdez Museum for educational, research and historical purposes. If you are willing to be interviewed, contact Jeanne Branch Johnston at tsunamigal1946@hotmail.com.

Full Article Here

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