Saturday Pahoa Museums “First Saturday Soiree’s” Continues


LAST MONTHS Flier (Time has changed)

The Pahoa Museum is hosting its second First Saturday Soiree this Saturday, show starts at 7.  $10 at the door, $5 if you are seriously dressed your best.

Click on here for images and video from the last soiree held last month:



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  1. Good day,
    I am concerned with the concerned, We have ourselves a wonderful opportunity for people to get together in a positive manner. That quite simply isn’t debatable. I am all for the functions at the museum. It is naive for people to think one evening a month of people coming together and enjoying each others company at a museum is a representation of all the museum is interested in. I have had the opportunity to listen to sarah’s interests and she has many idea’s for the museum, And is open for the publics opinions on what could be presented and displayed. The museum is fresh and new and needs the communities support not its fists and slander. Hawaii has a very interesting history, It needs positive energy to help with its display. Let’s remember, Yesterday was history and tomorrow soon will be, Lets start some positive preservation today!!! As far as money is concerned, Pete and Sarah have invested all their own time and money in this project. I have seen this first hand. To throw a function and ask for donations isn’t asking much back. For all the concerned, You shouldn’t spend so much time watching other peoples pockets, You cause you’re own worry by not concentrating on you’re own!!!…………… Thanks, And best wishes to you’re community. We need to gather and get it together!!!!!!!

  2. Just answer me one question, have you looked into what it is I am saying? or do you support business without a license? Pete has taken advantage of many people in this town. Regardless, and his wife Sarah is pulling the wool over our eyes, so they can put money into their own pockets, while the economy of Pahoa suffers and the rich get richer? Jo Mama’s Hostel isn’t even registered either. And how about their other restaurant/another living quarter’s for their unpaid help lives by the fire station. My guess, is that they take the publics money “donations” to better themselves while putting the people of Pahoa’s reputation into a category that is miss represented by a false business. How can you be a business owner and except dontations, where does that money go to? So don’t publish this but know that you support something that is a farce.

  3. Actually, Concerned person brings a question. I’ve never been to the Pahoa Museum. From the previous posts- it looks like an art musuem. Is it solely art? Or is it a mix of things, like art, science and history?

  4. not worried about being an alias… {Snip}

    Damon – Well then I guess you’re not worried that you won’t be able to comment here any more

  5. Concerned Person…

    I’m concerned that you are obviously hiding behind an Alias.

    I don’t give much thought to anonymous people throwing blows at people.

  6. looks like a bunch of hippies to me? This truly does represent the Punatics.

  7. What does any of this half to do with a regional museum. Where is the hawaiian culture. Oh you should call this another scam, where does the money go to that they collect at the door. Is this a joke?
    So a bunch of free spirited people get to call this a museum. Okay,

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