$1 Million to SSFM for Highway 130

So as many of you may know, last night I asked SSFM how much were they given for their contract in working on this Highway 130 Project that I’ve been working with a group of community members with since October of last year.

I was quoted in today’s paper:

…Not all members of the advisory group were on the same page. Damon Tucker, representing the Friends of Puna’s Future, asked about the state’s $1 million contract to SSFM International.

“I feel like the KPAG group members were used by the state to help pass a project that was planned long before I became a member,” Tucker said…”

Just for clarification purposes, the bold paragraph I left as a comment with Reporter Peter Sur knowing that it may… or may not get printed in the paper.  I didn’t say that in front of everyone… BUT IT IS HOW I FEEL!

SSFM I feel got a Million bucks to basically smooth things over between the community and State Representatives and put together a few presentations along the way.

It was funny that Cheryl Soon of SSFM came up to me before the presentation to  say… “You know Damon… I just want you to know that SSFM paid for the food and not the State”

Ms. Cheryl Soon is a senior planner with extensive national and Hawaii experience in both public and private sectors. She currently serves as the Director of SSFM’s Planning Group and is responsible for all planning projects.

Cheryl Soon, Director of SSFM’s Planning Group and is responsible for all planning projects.

Geez Cheryl… you just don’t get it?  SSFM paid for the food with the $1 Million dollars of tax funded money you guys got for this project.

Would have been nice if the food would have been up to par with the contract! ;)

It must be nice to get these nice big contracts and just have things fly under the table without even really informing people of things.

Even Hunter Bishop informed me at last nights meeting that he was surprised about some recent turn of events that he was notified earlier in the day about (the shoulder project that will be going in front of Keaau High School). (*Update* See Comment Below from Mr. Bishop… I don’t want this to sound as though Hunter has the same sentiments as mine towards the project)

Dr. James Weatherford actually left the meeting he was so disgusted with what was going on with the project.

On his way out I heard him say “I need to get out of here before I get myself in trouble” or something to that effect… Then he passed the bucket to me so to speak and said… “I’ll let you get in trouble” jokingly with me.

Of course… I’m always getting in trouble so it’s nothing new for me.

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  1. Damon, my comments to you were made in a different context and not intended to support your opinion of KPAG, which I do not share. I want to make that clear.

    Damon – Sorry if it sounded misleading. That was not intended and I apologize if it appears that way. Thank you for being a part of the KPAG group and providing valuable input to the group.

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