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2009 “Kick The Boys to States” Mens Kickball Tournament

The 2009 Kick The Boys to States Kickball Tournament is happening today at the Pahoa High Field.


This annual fundraiser is going on to help the Pahoa High School Volleyball team earn funds to go to the State Tournament this year.


There is a good turnout of people watching the games.


And the weather is holding up for now considering the flash flood warnings we had the last few days.


Although, it’s only kickball, these guys are serious about the games.





Many of the teams had matching team shirts.  This guys team was called “SWAT” (Special Weapons and Tactics: Puna)


FBI Rival?

The tournament is held not only for the kids volleyball team, but the grown ups get to have bragging rights for the  year as well.


And besides bragging rights, the winning teams also can take home these HUGE trophies.


So if you drove by the High School today and you were wondering why a bunch of grown ups were playing kickball… now you know.

2 Responses

  1. are they in the running to go to states this year? I haven’t kept track of the other teams!

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