Remind Me to Never Testify at a Council Meeting… Mahalo Tiffany… County Council Fears the Internet

After reading Tiffany Edwards latest experience of attempting to put in her 3 minutes worth of testimony…

I reiterate what I said back in November about why I don’t attend or testify in person at County Council meetings.

One of the primary reasons that I would submit written testimony when I want to provide testimony is because I’m often afraid that I will get cut off before I get through saying what I want to say.

I’d like to say thank you to Ms. Edwards Hunt for attending and testifying at this meeting that many of us would have wanted to attend if we weren’t working. (And thank you to the two people that took time out of their day to watch Tiff’s Daughter!)

It’s so bogus that the county won’t stream their council meetings online.

Guarantee even if we got enough signatures to get the council to think about it… they would shoot it down even if it was free.

The County Council fears the internet.

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