What’s Happening With My Page Visits? WordPress Changing Things On Us and Rolling Out “Hot New Stats Feature”

I got home from work today and I noticed that the “page visits” on a few of the blogs that I run were at 1.

Now it’s showing 150,000 + Who knows what it will say when I’m through with this post.

I emailed wordpress and asked them what was up and got the following reply:

Thank you for writing regarding your blog stats

Our engineers are rolling out some new stats systems over the next week or so. If your stats fluctuated it was due to their testing the new system. Your data is safe and getting safer! As a consolation for the inconvenience, there will be a very hot new stats feature available very soon.

Be aware that there might be some additional temporary stats fluctuations in the next couple of days.

Fluctuated? Can you say dropped down to 1!

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  1. For what it’s worth my blogger blogs and google analytics are weird today as well showing things like increases of like 7,800% in traffic. The numbers don’t add up though when review everything as a whole.

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