Eating Hawaiian Snails?

I just noticed this video that was uploaded BEFORE the Rat Lungorm problem surfaced.

I’m kind of grossed out by it… but I’ll throw it up here just for you meat lovers.

Taro patches in Hawaii have a problem with the aquatic snail.

These water-version of the European Escargot are quite delicious.

By harvesting these snail, we are perpetuating the Hawaiian culture by ensuring that the taro patch can thrive without being eaten by these Hawaiian Escargot.

After a few minutes of collecting snail and an even lengthier process of preparing them, they are eaten with much delight!…


2 Responses

  1. While camping in Kipahulu, on Maui, I have seen European tourists munching on our local snails.

  2. Sounds good actually. Lungworm should not be a problem as long as you cook them thoroughly. Fried in olive oil and garlic should work.

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