Earthquake Caused Landslide… Anyone Get a Message?

I just read that the 4.2 Earthquake the other day did cause a “Small Landslide”.

…Police in Hilo said yesterday that there were no reports of injuries or damage, but the temblor did cause a small landslide

I need to sign up for this warning and quit relying on Twitter.

I’m looking at the time I tweeted the Message out to the world and I’m thinking dang… that was fast!

Anyone get a text message? I don’t remember there being a landslide the last earthquake when THERE WAS a text message sent out.

4 Responses

  1. I just got the flash flood watch, a day after the other news reported it. *shrugs*

  2. That new SMS program from the Honolulu based company is supposed to send out alerts even if it’s a quake less than 5.0 but I think it’s if there’s something that will affect especially visitors to the Big Island.

    So let’s say if the quake caused a landslide in Laupahoehoe Gulch and would block the road for a few hours, I would hope that would count. If the landslide were small in the gulch then no need as they usually clean that stuff up fairly quickly. If the landslide were on private property also no need as it’s not a county matter (unless it was huge) then maybe state and feds too.

    What is of concern is that Pacific Tsunami Warning Center updated their website the day AFTER the quake.

    They could have at least back-dated the release date/time so folks wouldn’t think a second quake occurred the next day.

  3. Never got any text for this one..

  4. They may only send messages for the larger quakes. Above 5.0?

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