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Earthquake Caused Landslide… Anyone Get a Message?

I just read that the 4.2 Earthquake the other day did cause a “Small Landslide”.

…Police in Hilo said yesterday that there were no reports of injuries or damage, but the temblor did cause a small landslide

I need to sign up for this warning and quit relying on Twitter.

I’m looking at the time I tweeted the Message out to the world and I’m thinking dang… that was fast!

Anyone get a text message? I don’t remember there being a landslide the last earthquake when THERE WAS a text message sent out.

What’s Happening With My Page Visits? WordPress Changing Things On Us and Rolling Out “Hot New Stats Feature”

I got home from work today and I noticed that the “page visits” on a few of the blogs that I run were at 1.

Now it’s showing 150,000 + Who knows what it will say when I’m through with this post.

I emailed wordpress and asked them what was up and got the following reply:

Thank you for writing regarding your blog stats

Our engineers are rolling out some new stats systems over the next week or so. If your stats fluctuated it was due to their testing the new system. Your data is safe and getting safer! As a consolation for the inconvenience, there will be a very hot new stats feature available very soon.

Be aware that there might be some additional temporary stats fluctuations in the next couple of days.

Fluctuated? Can you say dropped down to 1!

Brits Studying Hawaiian Happy Face Spider


The spider, which measures just a few millimetres across, has developed bizarre markings giving the appearance of a smiling face.

Scientists think the spider, which has the scientific name Theridion grallator and is harmless to humans, has evolved the patterns to confuse predators.

It is under-threat of extinction in the rainforests of the Hawaiian island chain in the Pacific.

Dr Geoff Oxford, a spider expert from the University of York, said: “I must admit when I turned over the first leaf and saw one it certainly brought a smile to my face.

“There are various theories as to why the spider has developed the markings it has, one of these that it may be to confuse predators.

“When a bird or other predator first sees a prey item it has not seen before there is a moment before it decides whether to eat it or not.

“It may be that this spider has developed these variations to take advantage of this, in the moment the predator is deciding if it is food it may have the chance to escape.

“I don’t think the smiling face is enough to put off a bird though, but it would be nice to think so. Not all happy-face spiders have such striking markings, and some are nearly all orange or all blue.

“The species is only found high in the rainforests of Hawaii and are under threat from the introduction of animals not native to the islands.”

Dr Oxford, who has been studying the spiders since 1993, said that the unusual markings of the arachnid had made them a symbol of all of Hawaii’s threatened wildlife.

“They are ambassadors for all the threatened invertebrates, insects and spiders on Hawaii,” he said.

“Conservationists are using them to highlight the plight of native species and you can’t go far on the islands without seeing them on T-shirts, baseball caps, post cards and even removal trucks.

“The Hawaiian fauna is being threatened by all the human-imported species of animals and plants that establish there each year.

“Sadly most of the plants and animals in lowland areas of Hawaii are non-native and one has to go up into the rainforest to find the native species.”

Big Island’s Population and the 2010 Census Count

When I was being trained for this census work that I’m doing, one of the questions I asked, was how accurate is the Census here in Hawaii.

My supervisor didn’t have a direct answer, but he guesstimated around 60% accurate.

While everyone thinks the population on this island is increasing, I wouldn’t be surprised if this census count shows that our population has not increased all that much from 10 years ago.

I have a few theories:

1. I have come across just too many vacant houses that obviously were occupied 10 years ago.

2. As the price of everything skyrockets, more and more people are Cohabiting. While you would think that this doesn’t effect the census count that much… I believe it will when it comes time for the actual counts. I just don’t think people will be completely honest when they are sending back the forms to the government telling the government that they have multiple families living under one roof.

3. And finally, I think people just wont take the time to fill out the census stuff and send it back.

I believe this will probably hold true for all the Islands in the State. It will be interesting to see the statistics when they do finally come out.

The Importance of the Census to the Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Island Communities

This informational program explains how communities benefit from Census Bureau data collection efforts. Testimonials describe the importance of a complete count to the Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander community and why the 2010 Census will be the most important count in our nation’s history.


Penis Talk From Hawaii?

I just stumbled across this video that was posted earlier today.  I’ll just file it under the strange and weird:


Eating Hawaiian Snails?

I just noticed this video that was uploaded BEFORE the Rat Lungorm problem surfaced.

I’m kind of grossed out by it… but I’ll throw it up here just for you meat lovers.

Taro patches in Hawaii have a problem with the aquatic snail.

These water-version of the European Escargot are quite delicious.

By harvesting these snail, we are perpetuating the Hawaiian culture by ensuring that the taro patch can thrive without being eaten by these Hawaiian Escargot.

After a few minutes of collecting snail and an even lengthier process of preparing them, they are eaten with much delight!…