Mayor Kenoi Spent $1500 For a Fricking Website!!! To His Own Campaign Less Yet!

Holy crap… I can’t believe our current Mayor paid someone $1500.00 for a fricking for a 10 page website.

…The Kenoi campaign paid Puna consultant Kate Almony $1,500 to design a Web site and campaign ad, according to information filed with the Campaign Spending Commission…

I could have set this site up in less then 2-3 hours!


So I had to ask myself who this Kate Almony person is that banked off this contract….

And I found something interesting about the websites that she creates:

All media productions such as websites, digital presentations, computer generated imagery and advertising are produced in-house, in privacy and confidence until you approve your materials for release. Your strategy documents and draft materials will never be shared unless you personally authorize publication or distribution. All consultations are held in confidence, and a strict non-disclosure policy applies to any correspondence regarding your account. Your confidence in these matters, as well as any information provided to you regarding competitive advice, fulfillment sources, or pricing is also expected in return…

So according to Ms. Almondys website… Mr. Kenoi or someone would have had to approved the site before it went online for the public.

“In no way was it created by me,” Kenoi said. “I wouldn’t even know how.”

Here is a list of some of the other sites that she has designed… Notice how she links Mayor Kenoi’s site as “Friends of Billy Kenoi”.

Also, if you go through this little portfolio… you will see that if she’s making $1,500 off Kenoi’s site… you can see a few other public events and interesting links that she has worked on.  Wonder how much she charged for those.

I think I might have to start designing sites again!

I’m sure most of these companies have nothing at all to do with the county investigation… I’m just listing these companies because they are on the portfolio.  (Although some of the links are county sponsored events)

Friends of Billy Kenoi

Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Hawaii

King Michele Concerts / Cheap Trick

Stop Smoking Center HI

Fitzgerald Farms

Torkildson Katz Moore & Hetherington

Attorney Robert Marx

Hui Okinawai’s 2008 Haari Boat Festival

Taste of Hilo

KWXX Ho`olaulea

Teamworks Intl.

NNP Manifesto

Fundraisers & Magazines

Grenada Government At Work

IQ Designs

Papaya Power

Living Green – Creative Arts Hawaii

ad mix

Proposals for new magazines
Inquire by email about fundraising, investment or business opportunities through publishing.

Shaka Magazine

My Hawaii Island

Big Island Food & Flowers Magazine

Island Entrepreneur

Puna Tiki Times Community News

Kanawai Hawaii – The Law & You

I had to laugh at the left hand column:


non-profit organizations

political advertising

Of course all this got me just that much more interested in the lady and I found her CV which states:

Currently serving as consultant to Friends of Billy Kenoi, coordinating all aspects of public relations and marketing as core campaign team member for Hawaii County Mayoral election campaign 2008.

Designed and published manifesto in preparation for Grenada’s Prime Ministerial election campaign 2004, in collaboration with top campaign staffers. Produced campaign slogans and posters, and design of public relations materials.

5 Responses

  1. Damon, for political novices such as yourself, even if Billy had found someone to create a campaign web site for him, it would not have been “free of charge.” Its value would have to be reported as an “in kind” campaign contribution.

    And what do you mean by “Instead, he charged the site to someone who obviously is a big contributor to his campaign”? This is obviously an expenditure for his campaign, not a contribution.

  2. I’m with @Eric — what’s the beef?

  3. Eric –

    I’m shocked that a Lawyer such as Mr. Kenoi couldn’t find someone in his own campaign to contribute making a website for him free of charge.

    Some of us on the Big Island would like to see clean elections. Those that are able to waste Big Money on things like this are just another reason.

    Not all candidates can afford a slick website…. (However that site was hardly anything but slick)

    Instead, he charged the site to someone who obviously is a big contributor to his campaign.

    Also, I’m bothered by the way he seems to be playing “Dumb” about it.

  4. Interesting finds, Damon. Well done.

  5. Hi Damon,

    I am a web developer and designer. Followed you here from twitter. I came here to see what you were so shocked about.

    I still don’t understand where all the anger is being directed. Is it the perceived low quality versus your own ability to design? Is it that he hired someone from his “friends network” and should not have?


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