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Hawaii Kid Sensation “Lil Demon” on the Ellen Show Today

You might remember me blogging about 6 year old Angelo earlier here:

Now he is 7 and today he was on the Ellen DeGeneres show:

Hawaii’s Angelo ” Lil Demon” Baligad break dancing on the Ellen DeGeneres show 4-21-09…


Mayor Kenoi Spent $1500 For a Fricking Website!!! To His Own Campaign Less Yet!

Holy crap… I can’t believe our current Mayor paid someone $1500.00 for a fricking for a 10 page website.

…The Kenoi campaign paid Puna consultant Kate Almony $1,500 to design a Web site and campaign ad, according to information filed with the Campaign Spending Commission…

I could have set this site up in less then 2-3 hours!


So I had to ask myself who this Kate Almony person is that banked off this contract….

And I found something interesting about the websites that she creates:

All media productions such as websites, digital presentations, computer generated imagery and advertising are produced in-house, in privacy and confidence until you approve your materials for release. Your strategy documents and draft materials will never be shared unless you personally authorize publication or distribution. All consultations are held in confidence, and a strict non-disclosure policy applies to any correspondence regarding your account. Your confidence in these matters, as well as any information provided to you regarding competitive advice, fulfillment sources, or pricing is also expected in return…

So according to Ms. Almondys website… Mr. Kenoi or someone would have had to approved the site before it went online for the public.

“In no way was it created by me,” Kenoi said. “I wouldn’t even know how.”

Here is a list of some of the other sites that she has designed… Notice how she links Mayor Kenoi’s site as “Friends of Billy Kenoi”.

Also, if you go through this little portfolio… you will see that if she’s making $1,500 off Kenoi’s site… you can see a few other public events and interesting links that she has worked on.  Wonder how much she charged for those.

I think I might have to start designing sites again!

I’m sure most of these companies have nothing at all to do with the county investigation… I’m just listing these companies because they are on the portfolio.  (Although some of the links are county sponsored events)

Friends of Billy Kenoi

Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Hawaii

King Michele Concerts / Cheap Trick

Stop Smoking Center HI

Fitzgerald Farms

Torkildson Katz Moore & Hetherington

Attorney Robert Marx

Hui Okinawai’s 2008 Haari Boat Festival

Taste of Hilo

KWXX Ho`olaulea

Teamworks Intl.

NNP Manifesto

Fundraisers & Magazines

Grenada Government At Work

IQ Designs

Papaya Power

Living Green – Creative Arts Hawaii

ad mix

Proposals for new magazines
Inquire by email about fundraising, investment or business opportunities through publishing.

Shaka Magazine

My Hawaii Island

Big Island Food & Flowers Magazine

Island Entrepreneur

Puna Tiki Times Community News

Kanawai Hawaii – The Law & You

I had to laugh at the left hand column:


non-profit organizations

political advertising

Of course all this got me just that much more interested in the lady and I found her CV which states:

Currently serving as consultant to Friends of Billy Kenoi, coordinating all aspects of public relations and marketing as core campaign team member for Hawaii County Mayoral election campaign 2008.

Designed and published manifesto in preparation for Grenada’s Prime Ministerial election campaign 2004, in collaboration with top campaign staffers. Produced campaign slogans and posters, and design of public relations materials.

An Answer to the Census Taker Cometh! Yes, I’m the Crazy Enumerator Running Around Like a Crazy Man

Doug over at Poinography, pointed me to a column that was posted today over at the “Hawaii Reporter”.

The article is entitled “The Census Taker Cometh! and it mentions a few things:

...Beware, the 2010 Census Taker (CT) , now happening in your neighborhood, albeit a year early. And something new has been added. The CT is armed with a GPS unit to log the GPS coordinates for your front door. Why? This has all the earmarks of the USDA wanting to tag every animal in America with an RFID chip. What’s next? RFID chips for people? It sounds even more like gun registration, or Obama’s desire, under a National Health Care System, to put your medical records on the Internet. To the government, you are just a numbered idiot…

And one other thing. To let a real live census taker on your property is an invitation for them to collect huge volumes of data about you and your property, including your GPS coordinates. Why does the Federal Government need your GPS coordinates anyway? They already have your address…

I don’t have the direct answer to his question above other then the fact that many people don’t have physical addresses and locating them for the census is important because each person represents tax dollars coming into the state.

The people without physical addresses are often those that use the most public resources such as public assistance.

Right now, the census enumerators are only locating places that people later on can collect the data of how many people are in each living space.  If the government doesn’t have a way to find these people… then they will have no way to collect the information.

Quite simply put… not all people in Hawaii receive mail.

And for what it’s worth… all information given to the Census is held confidential for 72 years before being released to the public.

This is a picture of the Hand Held device I carry around with a GPS in it.

This is a picture of the Hand Held device I carry around with a GPS in it.

It’s really weird that this issue is now coming up.  Just yesterday, I asked Andrew Cooper a few questions about my GPS that I was carrying with me while I was doing the census work:

I called it “Another Stupid Damon Question”

I’m working with a hand held GPS device for the Census stuff.

On occasion I will be stationary and the (YAH) “You Are Here” indicator will start to move.

Does that mean the Satellite above me is moving?  Mind you I’m stationary and the GPS shows that I’m moving anywhere from 10 – 100 feet at a time…

At first I thought I had a malfunctioning GPS.  Then I tried other enumerators GPS’s and the same thing happened.

Could they be calibrated to a mainland city that sits at a different latitude/longitude?

I have no idea why this is happening.

Hope this isn’t a stupid question.

I just had the feeling that asking a Keck Engineer that worked with telescopes would have an excellent answer for me… and of course he had the answer I was looking for:

…The actual latitude and longitude fix should be stable once you have sat at a point for a while. Some GPS units also try to estimate a course and speed, useful when in a car or aircraft, but sometimes less than reliable when standing still or moving very slow. They do this by taking the difference between each location fix, if those fixes are close together or the difference is near zero I have seen the math get a bit wacky and give an odd result.

So I took his word for it and told him I’d tinker with some things today. He then mentioned:

A GPS unit is two processors. The first is the purpose built GPS receiver that takes the radio signals and calculates position. This is a chipset with a fixed set of functions made by a silicon chip manufacturer. The info supplied by this chipset is location, time and satellite signal info. Some chipsets include a course and speed estimate that is calculated by averaging the difference between successive fixes. But this is a local calculation and can only be considered an estimate, one that you can fool by stopping, starting and suddenly changing direction. It takes a few moments of moving in straight line before it figures out what you did…

So being the idiot that I am… I wanted to try my best and fool this GPS into thinking I was somewhere I wasn’t. I found a dead end street and I got out of my car.

I jigged left… I jigged right… went forward… went backwards… and sure enough… the GPS was getting fooled into thinking I was in a spot where I had never been.

This was pretty cool watching the little YAH (You Are Here) indicator trace around the screen trying to find me. I felt like I was playing tag with a satellite up in the sky.

Only after a few minutes did I notice someone watching me at the entrance of that dead end doing my little GPS dance with the satellite. Of course the guy came towards me and asked me what I was doing… I had to laugh and just told him that I was trying to get my GPS to work.

I showed him my Badge and Bag and he went on his way. I’m sure he was having a good laugh at this little dance I was doing with my GPS at the end of this culdesac.

Mr. Cooper… I’m blaming you for using the GPS for having fun on company time if I get in trouble for this little two-step!

*Update* 4.2 Earthquake Hits Big Island

Yep felt it… still  feeling it…

I wonder how long it will take to get a text message  from the County this time?


A light earthquake occurred at 4:58:09 PM (HST) on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 .
The magnitude 4.2 event occurred 7 km (4 miles) NNE of Ka`ena Point.
The hypocentral depth is 9 km ( 6 miles).