Today I Found Something Interesting… Royal Order of Kamehameha I What Happened?

I was in a certain area of town… lets just call it the vicinity a 5 mile range of Bayfront doing my rounds and I came across a house that I thought was vacant from the backside and uninhabited.


I came at the house from the side entrance and this is the front entrance so I really didn’t know what I had come across at first.  The house was obviously uninhabited and windows were broken out.

Then I went to the front and saw this:


So this sparked my interest even more in the house and what did I just come across.

I talked to the neighbor, and he told me that this was a Historic House and it was registered, however, no one has been taking care of the place in a very long time.

I didn’t get a chance to ask him much questions about the place because he really didn’t feel like talking to some stranger that was lurking around the neighborhood asking about vacant houses… and I don’t blame him for that.

As I was leaving… I took this final picture of the house:


I googled the Royal Order of Kamehameha and didn’t really find anything in particular about this house.

Does anyone know anything about this Historic Home that is Falling apart?

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  1. Aloha we are in the process of restoring our Heiau/building, we are accepting donations of time and money, we would appreciate all the support we can have…………..aloha Kaliko

  2. Since 2002, I have been chosen and participating (as well as others) with cultural practioners aka Kahunas Kaliko Kanaele and Kahu Terangi of the Royal Order of King Kamehameha Moku O Mamalahoa Hilo, Hawaii which is one of eight chapters of the order across the Kingdom of Hawai’i island chain. Although I am female, it is a fraternal order of Hawaiian descent and this is the last remaining original meeting hall of the order on the US National Register of Historic Places. It is considered a very special and sacred place with some other heiau in very close vicinity which we would begin at the club house and sea-level with prayers, blessings, and offerings and visiting/paying respect to all other heiaus in Hilo along with other heiaus along the way to all to the top heiau at Mauna Kea during Solstices, Equinoxes, other special occasions without skipping one. PBS was doing a special on prayer around the world and just wanted to meet up atop Mauna Kea and was politely informed by the Kahunas need go to all the heiaus from sea-level to top before granted to film such and were encouraged by second invitation to do so as they were first instructed to please meet at the club house (however they thought they’d just go to the sunrise atop first).
    There is a meeting place at a home nearby of an island organizer and hula teacher and direct royalty descendent of King Kamehameha.
    This Friday June 11, 2010 at Moku Ola (Coconut Island in Hilo) the Royal Order of Kamehameha I Mamala Hoa (HIlo Chapter) will host a day of joy to honor Kamehameha beginning at 10 AM to 5 PM there will be cultural displays, onolicious foods, and terrific entertainment, among those scheduled to perform, the ever delightful Aunty Diane Aki, the playful George Kahumoku, the effervescent Ipo Kumukahi, and the joyful Darlen Ahuna. There will be hula by Ke Ola Pono No Na Kupuna and Hālau Ha’a Kea o Kinohi. Among the cultural displays: ni‘ihau shell lei making, feather work, and mea kaua (ancient warrior weapons). Vendors & Crafters will be selling truly “Made in Hawai’i’ items. Perhaps we will be maxed out to 40 hours from work with no authorized O.T. and see each other there? I personally could introduce you to Kahunas of the order with special invitation to events and provide phone #s or you could obtain more detailed information if you like.

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