Mahalo to Pahoa Community Medical Center… My Son is Better Now

I’d like to say Mahalo to the friendly staff at the Pahoa Community Medical Center for attending to my son’s medical emergency today.  A special mahalo to “Dr.” Dan for tending to him when he was really acting fussy because of his condition.

My wife said everyone was pleasurable and the ride to the emergency room in the Ambulance was exciting.

I was able to meet them at the ER and by the time I had arrived, my son’s breathing and coughing had stabilized.  They took X-rays and blood samples and after his temperature stabilized he was less lethargic than he when he went in and they were able to release him by 3:30 today.

I wish there was something that I could do personally to make him healthy right now.

This is the second scare that I’ve had with him.  When he was first born… the doctors informed us that he might have sickle cell anemia.  It turned out that his blood cells were just deficient and within a few days after he was born the blood cells were normal.

If there is one thing that really scares the crap out of me… it’s the thought of losing my son.

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  1. I am so glad that my grandson is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It seems to me that everyone in your household is catching every bug that is going by. You might want to look into “Toxic House Syndrome” which is basically mold problems and with all the rain that has been happening, it would be increasing in all of our houses.

    I had spasmatic coughing my whole time a WWU, especially when I was in Old Main. I thought it was a bad October to April bug. Several years later, I had a meeting in Old Main…. and my coughing started up again, all thru the meeting. Turns out it was just a moldy old building that I had a problem with.

    Love Grandma

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