Is Mayor Kenoi in Hot Water Over The Internet Scandal?

I’ve been mentioning on a lot of different blogs about some of the ramifications that this Internet Scandal that Councilman Yagong has pretty much triggered.

I believe Mayor Kenoi himself may be in a bit of hot water.

Aaron Stene follows the Hawaii Free Press and brought my attention to the following article about his domain that he used for his political race this year against Angel Pilago.

His Domain clearly states that it’s registered under a county email address as well as the mailing address for the Hawaii County Building:

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 16-Apr-07
Expires on: 16-Apr-09
Last Updated on: 16-Apr-08

Technical Contact:
Kenoi, William [email protected]
25 Aupuni St.

Hilo, Hawaii 96720
United States
(808) 961-8211

About 3 – 4 months later, County of Hawaii Office of the Corporation Counsel sent this memo to ALL COUNTY EMPLOYEES VIA EMAIL and it clearly states:

1 Candidate walk-throughs on County premises are strictly prohibited
2 County email accounts must not be used for campaign purposes
3 The distribution of campaign literature on County premises is strictly prohibited
4 The sale or distribution of fundraiser or other tickets even
complimentary ones on County premises is strictly prohibited

So do you think Mr. Kenoi will punish himself?  Is it also considered distribution from a county building if he registered the building as well?

Hawai’i County Mayor Billy Kenoi has acknowledged that his office is investigating “very serious” and possibly illegal abuse of Internet access on county computers.

Kenoi said the investigation goes back to January 2008 and includes the potentially illegal use of county computers for political activity, as well as other serious abuses.

From what I can tell… Last Updated April 16, 2008 would fall under that time period.

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  1. This will be tricky for Kenoi. Those of us familiar with the Domain Name System know that “contacts” fields in the name record are irrelevant to the operation of a Website. But from a lay standpoint, it’s easy (maybe even natural) to think it’s saying that the site is being served or administered from that location.

    But politically, it’s very hard to explain “I didn’t do the _terribly_ inappropriate thing, I just did a _quite_ inappropriate thing.”

  2. Thanks for the 411

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