Hawaii County Employees Internet Scandal!!!

I blogged about Council Member Yagong looking into the records of county employees a few weeks ago here.

The Big Island Chronicle blogged about it on the same day here.

I then thought about it and blogged my thoughts about how this was a no-brainer here the next day.

Big Island Chronicle followed up with Hunter Bishop recently and got the following response from him:

“Tiffany, The information you requested is part of an ongoing county investigation. The information will be made available to the public when the investigation is completed. Let me know if you have any further questions. Aloha, Hunter”

In today’s West Hawaii Today, Nancy Cook Lauer writes:

Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi acknowledged Friday that his office is investigating “very serious” and possibly illegal abuse of Internet access on county computers.

Kenoi said the investigation goes back to January 2008 and includes the potentially illegal use of county computers for political activity, as well as other serious abuses.

“We are not going to tolerate this type of behavior,” Kenoi said. “We anticipate action will be taken in the future” that could include employee termination and even prosecution.

The mayor did not know when the investigation will conclude. He declined to say what other kinds of Web sites employees may have inappropriately been accessing…

More Here

Just yesterday, I made the following comment on Tiffany’s Blog:

I was wondering why my page visits dropped a bit in the last few days. I wonder if a memo got circulated reminding county employees of what types of internet sites they should and shouldn’t be accessing while on county time?

“…If there was any illegal or abusive behaviors regarding Internet usage, six months of history is more than enough for disciplinary action, legal action or investigative conclusion,” Yagong said in an April 10 letter to Kenoi.

In other words, unauthorized and/or illegal usage has stopped dead in its tracks. Releasing the report would have zero bearing on any ‘ongoing investigation’ as you can’t investigate illegal usage that has voluntarily and abruptly stopped cold…

2 Responses

  1. The internet has been a temptation in many workplaces, not just “bad” sites, but the internet in general. Personal business is being done on company, or in this case county time. Regardless of what sites they are going to, if it is not work related, something that is needed to conduct business, it should not be supported and paid for by an employer. I have read estimates that up to 45% of employee work time is lost to the internet & personal e-mails. Of course that is the same internet that enables people to work from home and on weekends etc. There has to be a certain amount of responsibility and accountability for our public servants. I have no idea how they will be able to do that… but right now it seems the only way is to limit access to certain types of sites.

  2. I would think that visiting certain community blogs COULD be considered a part of being aware of what is going on in the island. I remember many coffee breaks reading the paper, back in the days pre-computer.

    However, how many of the employees are searching out porn or meet a mate type sites… or just going to see if there is any more news about Susan Boyle, that amazing British singer.

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