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Big Island Toyota Service on Twitter… and Offering Deals!

Interesting… I guess now you can drop off your car at Big Island Toyota… and be tweeted when it’s ready for pick up.  Well I don’t know if they are doing that yet, but they could.

I had to chuckle when I saw that Big Island’s Toyota Service has a Twitter site and actually uses it:


  1. Save cash on Saturday’s in Kona or Hilo; find the coupon at Bigislandtoyota.com

  2. Ok so it rains in Hilo, come in today we will install wiper blades no charge for labor, and we will wash ur car. Toyota Service Big Isla

  3. Hilo or Kona Hawaii, Big Island Toyota, Scion, Suzuki gives you Towing, Tire Hazard, Lock out service with every Top Shape Maintenance

  4. Merry Monarch discounts; bring you entry tag or ticket stub to Big Island Toyota in Hilo or Kona and take 10% off your bill for any fact

  5. Kona and Hilo, Hawaii were detailing customers cars, and mak’em shine

  6. Toyota Maintenance Hilo or Kona Hawaii. Get 2 premimum movie passes with any factory service. Who said service on your ride isn’t fun!

  7. Were open Saturday from 7 AM to 4 PM for Service on;Toyota,Scion, and Suzuki in Hilo and Kona Hawaii

  8. Hilo or Kona Movie tickets with factory service. https://bigislandtoyota.com

  9. Where is ur truck what won’t it do?

  10. Hawaiian style Service Discounts at bigislandtoyota.com

  11. I am planning to save people their cash, by giving them discounts and extras on service for their cars or trucks. Sexy huh?

2 Responses

  1. In addition to bitservice, we also twitter toyotahawaii and scionhawaii, still navigating the social networking mystery! Come join us.

    Damon – I’ll give you a free ad for a free car. ;)

  2. Seems like an even faster way to get junk mail.

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