Mayor Kenoi on the 2% Land Fund… Hunter Bishop’s Viddler Account

[viddler id=8be507a7&w=437&h=288]

Taken from the Hawaii County Website.

However, I just noticed that you can go directly to Hunter Bishop’s Viddler Account and view all of his recently uploaded videos there as well.

They have all been posted on the counties site so there is no big surprises… It’s just sometimes people miss things when it’s just a link and not something they can actually click to make a movie play… So I’m kind of suprised that he just didn’t embed them directly into the blog for easier viewing for people that aren’t as “Akamai” when it comes to going to links.

Highway 130… What’s Wrong With This Picture

So what’s wrong with this picture?


Well if you look on the left, you will see a guy cruising down the side of the road of the incoming traffic on a scooter going 35 MPH down Highway 130.

Both bicycles and scooters have to ride this way in the morning currently because with the open shoulder traffic on the town bound land from 6 am – 8 am, they would get crushed and only piss off drivers that got stuck behind them.

There are a couple of bridges that these guys must wait for oncoming traffic just to get across the bridge w/out worrying about a car smashing them.

Here is a closer look at what is happening to these poor fellows:


The guy on the scooter better hope that none of the cars  goes over the line, as we all  have at some time when weren’t paying the upmost attention.

Hawaii County Launches New Official Web Site

The County of Hawaii’s Department of Data Systems has redesigned the main page of the Hawaii County Web site to be more convenient and easier to navigate. There are now direct links to popular County Web site pages, to County departments and services,  information resources and more. Please take a moment to visit at Your comments are welcome.


Saddle Road One of the Scariest Roads in the Nation

According to today’s Yahoo Travel section, Saddle Road on the Big Island is one of the scariest drives in America.

While it is a pretty bad road… I’ve driven on much worse that didn’t even make the list:

The Big Island’s incredible Saddle Road shoots between two hulking volcanoes across a sweltering lava-rock desert. “Famously bad and dangerous” is how one guide describes Hawaii Route 200 between Hilo and Waimea.  Although improved in recent years, much of the route is narrow and one-way; intermittent fog makes it even more hazardous. Side roads lead to the summits of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.

I wonder if this was before or after the recent Saddle Road Improvement projects?

Then again… when you see people flying over saddle road like this idiot… you can understand why it could be so scary!


17th Annual East Maui Taro Festival


When a Man’s Gotta Go… He Shouldn’t Go On Another Passenger!

A 28-Year old man was sentenced to three weeks in jail for urinating on a woman during a flight to Hawaii.

Jerome Kenneth Kingzio,  28, was sentenced to three weeks in jail after pleading guilty to assault charges…

…As she watched an in-flight movie, Kingzio, who had been drinking alcohol, suddenly stood up and started urinating on her…

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