I am a REAL Census Worker

Great… Just what I need to make this job get a little tougher.

From KGMB9 Honolulu News:

Only a week into the work and already scammers are out impersonating US Census employees. They’re trying to collect your personal information.

The real US Census workers are out updating maps and gathering address information in neighborhoods all over the state. They are not asking for your social security number but the scammers are.

The US Census isn’t just about counting people, it’s about power and money. Power because it determines the number of seats in Congress and money because it lets the feds know how much the state should get. But scammers are trying to take personal information for their own power and money.

“Scam artists get out there fast,” said Marilyn Yoza, Bureau of the Census, Hawaii Office Manager. “The census does not ask for social security numbers.”

The field census workers started last Monday. They’re updating maps and addresses.

“We’re just saying, ‘hi I’m so and so I’m in the neighborhood I’m working with the census bureau I’m updating our maps.’ They may ask you if you know any additional housing in this area but that’s it,” said Yoza.

In the past week imposters are trying to walk in their shoes. The local census office received half a dozen complaints from Oahu and Maui.

“We’re just finding this out now. We’re telling them no it’s not us but I advise if anyone has given out this information they check their credit reports they check their credit cards check all of this just to be sure,” said Yoza.

If a census workers stops at your door they will have a badge, a handheld device, a Census Bureau canvas bag and a confidentiality notice.

“And they won’t be wearing a baseball cap and they certainly won’t be asking for your social security number,” said Yoza, who says the people that reported the imposter was wearing a hat that read US Census.

Just in case you’re still unclear, here’s the message one more time.

“Again we don’t ask for social security numbers so if someone starts asking for a social security number they’re not working for the US Census Bureau,” said Yoza.

Next year you can expect to get questionnaire with 10 questions. You fill it out and send it back and no they will not ask for your social security number.

Also the census is not asking for any information via email so if you get one it’s a scam.

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