On the Agenda: Walking Shoes

I’ve been going straight from my DOE job to my Census job and I’m still wearing the same clothes.  I’m pretty comfortable at work wearing dress up clothes.  It’s not like when I was living on the mainland and I had to wear a suit and a tie or even just to be a grocery store checker I had to wear a tie!

Well the shoes I’ve been wearing just aren’t going to make 10 weeks of this census work.  They are a pair of leather shoes that I don’t know what style you call em… like boat shoes or something… but anyrate, with this Hilo weather and the walking and the puddles and the gravel roads and everything that I’m traversing on… my shoes are taking a beating.

I was thinking about wearing my big rubber boots… but there is no way I could walk around in those all day.  I remember those old “Clam Digger” shoes that people used to wear on the mainland, but I haven’t seen to many around here.

Anyone know where I can find something like this:


I hate buying clothing items especially shoes off the Internet because they never seem to fit.

I’m also thinking of getting a “Poncho”… but I just want something lightweight that would dry fast.

I mapped out the area that I  covered in the last two days and it was easily over 10 – 15 miles of walking!  And yes, my calves are still aching.

They aren’t so bad once I get them stretched out and as long as I stay busy, but if I sit down for a good period of time and then stand up fast… it pulls the calves big time!  Even my son asked me why I was walking funny!

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  1. If your calves are cramping, try taking potassium and calcium/magnesium vitamins. That seems to work for me.

    Love, Mom

  2. Try crocs I believe the sports shoe shop in the mall carries different
    styles. waterproof and very comfortable to walk in!

    also on the web

  3. Damon, what is the policy when the homeowners are not there, or the gate is locked so you can’t enter the property.
    My concern is, if material is left on the gate, that notifies people no-one is there, setting up a chance of the house getting robbed.

    We have been having problems with the kids in our area, and our house has recently been broken into!

    • Right now we are just canvassing for addresses. Our concern at this point is just the structures… and not the amount of people living there.

      If the gate is locked and we can get around the gate to see the structure… then we simply walk around the gate. We are mandated by Federal Law to go on to properties whether people like it or not.

      If it’s a dangerous situation or we fear something… we simply skip over it and submit that as a “Dangerous Address” and allow our supervisors to take care of it down the road.

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