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My Aching Calves!

I’m not sure how many miles I’ve walked in the last 3 days, but my guess would be about 30 miles or more.

My legs are hurting right now. Every time I stand up… they feel like they are going to collapse. I’m so out of shape it’s pathetic! I know that I’m moving at a pretty good pace though, because after talking to a few others… the amount of “Map Spots” that I have collected is considerably more and I’ve worked less hours altogether now.

I really need to get my scooter going. I’m going to replace the charger with another model that’s about $100.00 and then just splice the male/female plug. I’m sure I’ll be able to do it since my FIL worked HELCO for most of his life.

Sorry I haven’t been able to blog that much of late… but that’s what happens when I’m away from the computer for so long. It’s a good thing these hand held computers don’t have access to the internet! I am still thinking of also getting my own lap top within the next few weeks and then I need to think about a wireless card.

Anyone have any recommendations for a wireless carrier?

3 Responses

  1. T-Mobile gives more for the money, but AT&T has better bar service. Verizon meets both important functions halfway.

  2. You should get a netbook – it’s light and portable, great for surfing and posting.

    You might not need a wireless card – just watch for open wireless as you cruise the neighborhoods….


  3. No recommendation. Just want to say that I hope your calves are feeling better. And yes, get a laptop. What are you thinking of getting. I recently purchased a MacBook 13″ – it’s working out well. The screen is small but that’s ok for now.

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